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Forums ► Comments ► Beware
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Post # 1
As of yesterday i have had 2 different people admittadly tell me that they have multiple accounts and that their sole purpose for that is do discredit working information because they are trolling the posts for marks to extract money from them. And according to them, there are many people who do this here. I will be mailing petrarca with their names.

Re: Beware
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There are warnings all over the site for members not to give out personal information or send money. This is above every email we type on the site.

Never give out any personal info, including money or banking information.

Re: Beware
Post # 3
Thank you linda cash420. I know that stuffs all around. I think why i was targeted is because there was a post for a spell where someone wanted to trade for gemstones and i made the mistake of trying to accept the offer. I was quickly guided back on the straight and narrow, thank goodness, but i suppose it made me appear vulnerable, and i had someone even tell me not to listen to my high priestess basicaly, along with a bunch of other gibberish.

Re: Beware
By: / Novice
Post # 4
people prey on the vulnerable, nothing new unfortunately. mailing Pet is a good start. as Linda said, not giving out any personal information is another. i'm the type i don't give out much personal information, and i really don't feel comfortable knowing personal information about others. [don't know why, just feel icky when people give me personal information i didn't ask for] i don't think it can be stressed enough giving out personal information online is dangerous. many people today don't see it as a problem.

i'll stop my little rant. just think before you do anything, online, offline, people can lie to you, so if you feel somethings wrong, trust your instinct. [and of course report and/or block users who are harassing you or asking for personal information]

Re: Beware
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Actually Linda this is taking the entire matter too far, Barbi was never solicited for anything, this post is in direct response to a group of threads we have all been watching whereas a problem is stated and Barbi had decided on answering with information that is not entirely accurate. When other members post and attempt to help her with a more accurate representation of a path she clearly doesn't follow; Barbi then mails Pet, posts new threads blatantly pointing members out as if how dare tell her she is wrong.

Speaking of this thread directly reflects the following:http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=601768 in which she clearly disagrees with Kache/Conjure_Lady. It would be easy to discern all of this if Barbi would stop deleting her shortcomings, then posting the "oh I'm a victim" threads such as this one. Whereas she was never asked for money, Barbi refused to accept any information that wasn't from a "ranking member of this site", and it was explained to her that the information given to her was from individuals that were considered experts on the subject because they have decades of practice under their belt, way more than a book shelf of published books on the topic and "get paid for their services.".

I am sure this wouldn't be currently discussed if the post wasn't taken out of context, and I'm sure the previous threads wouldn't exist if some would grasp that Wicca is not Hoodoo, and apparently a giant arm load of members on this site are seemingly passionate about it.

But anyway good luck with that one.

Re: Beware
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Draak, I completely agree with you as I have noticed the same thing what you described. I have noticed that when she disagrees to a post, she says that she needs a person of higher authority to tell her she is wrong, otherwise what she tells is right.
You see, there are easier ways to avoid annoyance, like blocking, instead of ranting about.

Re: Beware
Post # 7
@draakWow. You just cant let it rest. I never publicaly named you. And deleted my posts because i didnt want anyone to know that i actualy let you rent space in my head. Just because you claim to have more knowledge then me doesnt mean you will dictate what i or any other unknowing "victim" beleive, do, or think because you admittedly decieve people and try to manipulate the members of this site to make a buck. And moreover, since when am i not allowed to disagree with someone who is not a mod when defending myself or another member? You are abusive. And not because i said so but because thats how you present yourself. No matter how many different people you pretend to be (probably the whole armload) your personality is always going to shine through because you have convinced yourself you know everything. Therefore not open to learning. Not to mention trying to tell me about blatent disregard of authority of this site in your pm.

Re: Beware
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Wow? Your entire statement is a wow. You can not even begin to publicly name me for anything for a very logical reasoning. First off I never claimed to have more knowledge than anyone. I never Pm'ed you, though I did send you a letter once which can be accessed by Pet as it is still in my mailbox along with your response. And finally I have but one account on this site. My IP address proves that, which by the way I sincerely hope the site owner does review all the posts and passes his judgement because you are absolutely delusional. Thankfully he can pull everything you deleted.

Sorry cupcake, the pity train already left the station with the world does not revolve around you running it.

Re: Beware
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Actually, you deleted comments on threads where you and I were having a disagreement. As I have told you before, I am not Draak. My other account is ConjureLady_ and that is something that I have never hidden from anyone and something you can't seem to wrap your head around.

While your posts may be deleted, they are still accessible by the site owner..and I hope he does read them as you seem to have a reading comprehension issue.

I have never said anything about people trolling the site trying to find folks to pay for spells and I am very unclear as to where that information was picked up.
The only time that was mentioned was in giving the credibility of the links I provided (which are free to view at any time and given on this website frequently) and in suggesting you find the websites of these people to gain more information since you seem to lack any at all on the topics at hand.

No where was there anything about soliciting members from this site, nor going out of the way to "discredit information". There is a lot of misinformation in various threads having to do with Hoodoo and many of us who actually practice this tradition are tired of seeing it, thus come in and correct it.

If you cannot tell the difference between fixing misinformation and discrediting working information then I am afraid you have a long way to go on your path.

There are a good many people on this site who have had numerous problems from you whenever you are corrected on information you give out in the forums. Lately, you have taken to erasing your posts rather than leaving them for the public to learn from, and while that is your right to do so..the posts and your history on this site can be seen by the owner of the site. So really, I hope you do have them look into it.

This has been blown to proportions that make no sense what so ever.

Re: Beware
Post # 10

Just Wow.

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