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Spirits and Humans..

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Spirits and Humans..

Spirits and Humans..
Post # 1
Ever since i was a child, i heard many stories of spirits falling in love with humans, appearing in their dreams, asking them to leave everything n marry them..

Another one which i have heard is a spirit lying on a human body early in morning and that girl felt suffocated and could not even move her hand.. Earlier the same girl was sitting n studying in an open vacant area and saw a huge dog encircling her which appeared out of no where?

To all experienced people here, who witnessed such things in their course of life, what could be a possible explanation for all this?

Can spirits really fall in love with humans? or are these mere psychological images?

And another question, i read spirits are drawn to menstruational blood.. is it true? if so, why?
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
Post # 2
I also heard stories like this here in the Philippines, one story that I read is that a spirit was in love with this girl and the elders or some people told her that it's dangerous. I can't remember the exact story but I remember the ending part wherein she mysteriously died after saying that she wants to get away from this life.

I know people there are people who say that it's not possible and spirits aren't capable of such things. But one thing I learned here in this life is that you'd find a reason to believe in the things that are impossible and sometimes the least you'd to be true sometimes are.
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well spirits [as well as humans] can fall in love with each other. happens a lot actually. the problem is they're two different beings, so there will only be heartbreak. i've dealt with many spirits in my life, but i keep them as friends, i've never gotten romantically involved with one.

the heaviness and inability to move when someone wakes is sleep paralysis. it's actually quite horrifying if you know what happens when we sleep, our body pretty much shuts down, our heart rate, breathing and temperature rises and falls, not to mention REM and Non-REM stages of sleep. some people have a sleeping disorder [like sleep walking or talking in your sleep] where they will mentally wake up before physically waking up. there will be a heaviness on your chest and an inability to speak or move your limbs as a result of sleep paralysis. in ancient times it was believed a demon or spirit was sitting on your and sucking away your life. sometimes a persons dream will continue while they are in this dream paralysis, so they might ever see ghostly images from their dreams floating in their room. that's the logical conclusion anyway, when dealing with spirits and the supernatural you need to examine all logical conclusions first.

menstrual blood i've never heard that, but if they are i've been told there's a lot of energy with menstrual blood. [at least in terms of blood magick] the female reproductive cycle is a powerful life giving thing [as corny and odd as that sounds... at least to me] our blood contains energy, and the extra energy from the reproductive cycle would give this blood twice the power of regular blood from say your finger. spirits are basically energy orbs, so in theory, they would be attracted to menstrual blood so they could gain more energy so they could keep their form. Rori [spirit who lives with me] will sometimes get rather weak and drain some of my energy through a Ouija Board so he can still follow me around every day.
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
Post # 4
Nekoshema, you answered it too well for me. I really appreciate! Thanks

The Spirit that follows you, did u ever see it? Or u just feel strong energy by ur side?
Can spirits be seen ? Given if they are of a human, can we get to see their physical form ever, the form in which the exist before? Or its just the shadows and scents?
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
By: / Novice
Post # 5
The Spirit that follows you, did you ever see it or you just feel strong energy by your side?

i saw Rori once when i was 17, but he doesn't like people seeing him, i don't know why. my mom was being bothered by a reoccurring dream of hers [or possibly a spirit, not sure, long story] when i walked back into my room he was standing there, said something then vanished. only full apparition he's ever done. typically i see him as a shadow, my ability to see spirits have gone down over the years, i can sense and hear them, seeing is a bit hard for me. like i said, i sense him, or hear him, i first met him when i was young, so i could see him [shadow] pacing my room.

Can spirits be seen?

some people have stronger clairvoyant abilities than others, as well as some spirits have more energy. if a spirit is strong enough and someone has the ability to see spirits, then yes, they can be seen. certain equipment can detect and photograph spirits, but the technology has been disputed, so there are very few actual images of spirits on film.

Given if they are of a human, can we get to see their physical form ever, the form in which the exist before? Or its just the shadows and scents?

as i said yes, but i'm not 100% sure, i think a spirit can choose any form they feel most comfortable with. they're energy of a past life, to them age and gender is optional since they're just energy. some spirits i've met were female in life, but male spirits because they want to be. it's odd, i don't understand, spirits lie so they could be messing with me, but if reincarnation is real, then we could be reborn as a different gender, even different species, so whatever feels most comfortable for the spirit. most though try to conserve their energy, so they're orbs or shadows. when i say shadow though, i don't mean a shadowman or a persons shadow, it's more like [for me anyway] a sketchy outline of something that would move around the place, and it isn't 2D like a shadow would be. the more whole an apparition, the more energy it takes, which is why it's rare to see a solid apparition.

also, like i said spirits can choose their age, gender and species it seems, so a human could die and be a wolf spirits in theory. i have met a couple animal spirits as well, after a couple of my pets died suddenly some would stick around the house. my cat would curl up at the foot of my bed when it was alive. when he died, i would see a pair of eyes some nights, hear a purring noise, then feel an animal jump onto my bed and curl up at my feet. some nights i would move my feet to check if something was there [because i had another cat] i would feel something in the way for a few seconds, then it would vanish, but i never heard something jump off my bed, or feel it move, it would just be there one moment, gone the next. i got use to it, and some mornings i would wake up and there would be an indent in my bed like something was in that spot. there could be a logical explanation like a dream or a child's imagination, but it would happen for a few years afterwards, even if we moved, so i like to think it was my pets visiting me.
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
Post # 6
You were only 17 when u saw the first spirit in your life ( i am supposing he was the first spirit u saw) What were ur exact feelings at that time? were u afraid? how did u overcome that? confused? u probably started reading about it? People tend to hide such incidents, what do u say abt that?

N thank you for sharing with me the account of ur interaction with spirits and your detailed reply.. Really grateful!
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Lol no Rori wasn't my first spirit. That was probably my great aunt. When I was little we use to have brunch every Sunday at my cousin Sids bed and breakfast, after we would go into the livingroom and hang. There was a woman who sat in a rocking chair by the window. I use to sit on the couch and she would tell me stories. When I got older I was speaking with my father about childhood memories and that woman came up. Dad told me he remembered I use to stare at the empty rocking chair that use to belong to my great aunt who died before I was born. They found it strange I was so mesmerized with the chair and would say goodbye to it when we left, but they ignored it because they figured I was playing a game or something. Plus many people in my family see spirits and have visions so its just normal for us.

I don't think I've ever been scared by a spirits, but I don't scare easily. Normally I see/hear/sense something and that's it. Unless it tries to scare me I'm not afraid of them.
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
In answer to the one question that wasn't exactly answered, yes menstrual blood is an attractor to spirits (usually negative ones) in some traditions. This is why when building certain temples, men who's wives were menstruating were excused from work. It was believed that these men became tainted by their wives impurity and therefore should remain away from the sacred spaces. This idea of a woman on her menstrual period being impure is an older idea than the Christian God cursing women for their disobedience to him and their trickery of Adam. It was involved in the idea that blood is a sacred life force, one which if you were not careful with, could take your life if you give too much of yourself. Women giving this life force away each month in a way which makes it seem as if her insides are bleeding out tended to make people a little worried and uncomfortable (as it does today). On top of this, in some cultures blood, sickness, and injury was considered an offense or an affront while in a sacred temple space, so a woman going through her natural cycles was not something that was allowed in this space. I'm sure exceptions occurred, as they always do, however I thought it important to point all of this out.
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
Post # 9
Thankyou Nekoshema and Cursebringer for ur replies..

Seeing spirits must be interesting, but I guess people are born with the gift.
Did spirits ever tell u what happens after death? U mustve asked abt the phases and transitions one goes through. .

Makes sense that menstruating was rather a punishment from God for misleading Adam.. but I don't understand, we must be part of spirit if Eve to be living with curse.. or is it that after death spirits divide which could explain for the growing population. But then again, it was in the bible n the books before that saying that the world begin from Adam n eve. How can v blindly follow what was written so many centuries ago. They could be made up stories. How can we know n get to the truth?
Why did God leave us so clueless in this world. . I often wonder..
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Re: Spirits and Humans..
Post # 10
Are spirits as clueless about the world as we are? If death wouldnt bring us answers to our questions, that means even after death, there is a long way to go. n IF ones fate is predestined, then i guess we are just random characters in the video game of God..?

@Nekoshema, did u ever meet a spirit which claimed to have committed suicide? Did they ever reveal stories saying that it was a huge mistake n they are to be punished again for it?

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