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Transformation Spells

Forums ► General Info ► Transformation Spells
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Transformation Spells
Post # 1

Some people are under the usumption that they can change their DNA to turn them into something they are not, if you are one of them, I am sorry but then you should stop using magick if that is the only thing you are here for, because you can not turn into something you are not, transformation spells are under the catagory fantasy because they do not work.


You can say any of those spells as many times as you want and you will get the same result....nothing. I am sorry if I affend some of you people who believe you can do it, but fact is fact. Your just fooling yourslef. You may believe in what you want, but let this gander in your mind every time you try to cast a transformation spell and there is not work.

Re: Transformation Spells
Post # 2

Yes I know that I did a typo.

Re: Transformation Spells
Post # 3
I'm not here for just that, I'm here for all sorts of magic, not just transformation, but in a weird way, it works. It may not work for you, but it works. We all believe in different things, and when I did the vampire spell, my teeth got slightly more pointy. Not much. But a bit. Also everything tasted was different. Burgers aren't even good because they are so greasy tasting now, and water is more flavorful, and brownies are too sugary. I feel faster, and more alert. My eyes were once dark, dark, brown, now are a light brown, almost hazel at times. My hair looks healthier and more auburn, when it was brown. My heart beats faster, and even my doctor said it was strange. I don't cry, even if I feel like I need to, I only let three tears slip at the most. I don't like blood though, it does taste better, because I cut my finger on paper and drank the blood, it tastes sweet even. I don't have the exact need to drink it though, but food is way more specific tasting. Like I can taste every separate ingredient and particle. My senses are enhanced, and I feel happier. I don't get burnt, or sparkle in the sun like it said, but it worked. As soon as I finished the spell, my stomach hurt, and I knew it was working. In my opinion, and experience, it works. It's annoying at times, because things aren't the same, but it works, and I've grown used to it. It didn't work the exact way it was said to, but it did work. I don't think the fairy one works, but when I tried the mermaid spell and got into the water I instantly could hold my breath longer, and could see better, and swim faster and longer. I didn't have a tail though. It works in strange ways for me, but it does work, no lie.

Re: Transformation Spells
Post # 4

Impossible, you may ask even the moderator here, none of the transformation spells here work. But then again as I said believe in what you wish, it's not me who get the blunt end of it. I am sorry but it's impossible, but if you are too immature to know the different from real and fake, then I am sorry.

Re: Transformation Spells
Post # 5
It doesnt matter whether or not if it works. If some wants to do it, then who cares. If it works, yay, and if not, no need to rain on the parade. Doing spells that dont work is way better than alot of stuff people do today. And who cares if that is the only reason there are on this website, it is the use of their own time, not yours.

Re: Transformation Spells
Post # 6

If you do not like the forum then do not post in it, plane and simple. I do not care, about the imputs here. It's a simple fact they do not work, and like I said I do not care if they believe or not, if they want to continue wasting their time then so be it...I am not going to waste time writing back messages to people that ask me for transformation spells, if you guys don't like it tuff luck, I am sorry that I have to be this way but seriously don't care...You all have a view on magick, I am doing what some of the moderators have stated themselves. You may only shift you spirit not the physical being.

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