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Is "power" healthy?

Forums ► General Info ► Is "power" healthy?
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Is "power" healthy?
Post # 1
Hi, i know that most spells in the site are fake and so on, but i have already had a few experiences that could only be explained if you took magic into account (making people dream about me, beforehand knowing places i've never been before, etc.). My beloved, who is really skilled in dream walking, told me i had some sort of power, but i sorta already knew it.

Well, since then, or maybe.... since i was a child, i've wanted power. This is one of the few things my teacher and i dissagree: she tells me i should be careful not to do "dark" stuff, but i feel i need power, and i think i would be doing anything if i had the chance to obtain it.

I... i dont think i am a bad person though. I just wish i had the power to heal people both physically and emotionally.... feel more in contact with the moon... etc. I know magic can do it, because i've seen it done.

So... i would like to hear you think. Should i try on forcing myself with my weak powers to try and get more power? or i should'nt?

PS: i'm not into wicca, but something on my inside told me a few months ago to grab a dull knife to channel my powers. I then looked on the internet and saw they were called athames. Should i purchase one?

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Re: Is "power" healthy?
Post # 2
Power isn't necessarily bad - if you use it for good and don't abuse it. I say go for it. No pain, no gain.
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Re: Is "power" healthy?
Post # 3
Honestly, if you ask me, power is a good thing. It's not bad. It's not terrible. It all depends on how you use it. If you KNOW you'll use it for good, then, yes, you should try to gain more power. I must warn you, though. If you gain too much, it may over power you and/or possibly kill you. I have experienced the over powering a few times. I can tell you, it's far from a good thing.
But, seeing as you've already started your climb to more, I say continue. You are a good person and wouldn't use your power for anything bad!
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Re: Is "power" healthy?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This is one of most fundamental questions one can ask ,while walking the path of life and exercising the art of magic.
Sadly ,not many stop and ask themselves or respectively ask others about this concept.
You probably will have that many different answers as many people decide to answer you and brainstorm on the idea with you.
To me power can be as much power as weakness.Everything has two sides sometimes we win one thing ,but then loose another.
Too much power is not healthy ,because we forget to be humble and even humane ,we no longer feel just one another member of the mob and with it the feeling of association/ relation might be gone.
If you can not relate to something you no longer feel the need to heal or protect it.There is a void to be filled from both sides.
Sometimes people will fear you ,sometimes they will not trust you and avoid you ,because you no longer feel or have presence as one of them.
Does this all this sound "healthy " to you ?
Forcing yourself is never a good thing even if this is done in the name of supposedly greater good.
One should feel comfortable in their skin and be prepared to walk very lonely path on case they decide to excel power-wise,but keeping integrity without understanding ,love and support of others is very hard to be achieved.
Loving yourself while nobody else does this can be as impossible as mission impossible.
If you can not render yourself useful while with no "power" ,what makes you think you can do that even with much of it?
We never see ourselves for what we have and what we can give ,but rather we seek more and more ,till we no longer can take more and no longer can be even aware it is become obsession.
If you had the power what would you do if people start calling you stuff and bullying you for being different ?Are you not going to use this power to protect yourself not being true to your first desires and intentions?Do you have the control to keep cool in such situations?Do you have the power to not hate them for their lack of ability to comprehend you ?Do you have the power to walk alone and smile to pull it through hardship?
Do you realize now how the power can also be weakness and take away from you another things ,things from value?
If you can do all this then "power" might be healthy for you to a degree and for some time.
If we feel the need to have power that means we lack inner power and value ,so we try to fill it from outside forces and sources.
However you build a house on the top of strong foundation.
Strong inner will based on strong heart can take a lot and not loose integrity and ground.You need to build power from inside to can accept more from outside.Otherwise it will be same as trying to build skyscraper without deep foundation and correct support ,with each floor added it will be crumbling slowly and progressively.
When you are really powerful you really do not need a power from outside source ,instead you can share this state of being with others by just being who you are and giving them example.No need of miracles and super acts of heroism.
In terms of experience we need to try everything ,because each feeling ,each mistake teach us what really matters.
Darker aspects of the art teach us about how to work with our shadow self.Shadow self and its understanding is part of inner process of empowerment.It is not about fighting it or leaving all battles for this aspects of ours ,it is rather understanding it and learning its lessons.All is lesson to be learnt.
Now that I have shared with you my input it is your turn to sit and consider answering all those questions and decide if it is worth to pursue this inner call to seek this power,and also to consider how far you are prepared to go in order to obtain it.How much you can loose in order to obtain?

Good luck with your path and your progress.:)
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Re: Is "power" healthy?
Post # 5
I agree, power is not a bad thing, but it can easily corrupt you. Be sure to stay true to yourself though. Truth is top grade stuff.. Some think a "dark" magic user is automatically bad, but most merely use negative means, for the positive gain they wish to obtain.. This however, is also how the mighty fall.. Athame's are used to channel/direct and store energy. Now would be a great time to study your basics, tools like the athame and pendulum are often part of the basics as well. There is a link on my profile for the basics for anyone who needs to brush up, ;) .. Blessed,we.
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Re: Is "power" healthy?
Post # 6
I am new to magic but I do have understanding and experience reguarding this. You obviosly have an intended use for what you seek to gain, but you should ask yourself if you are able to take on the responsibilities and willing to face the consiquinces. Are your motives clean and the powers already attained in balance? Or are you "rushing" a natural order of progress? Ask yourself these questions and may self-truth be your greatest power of all.
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Re: Is "power" healthy?
Post # 7
Thank you for your tips. In fact, the reason i asked is that i was planning on forcing myself much more. As you said, i should have control... but i do not. If i had problems with someone, and had some sort of power... i would try to find revenge. On the other hand , i am more than willing to accept the so called "dark" magic, if it was going to help me improve my skills.

And don't worry, even if these people around me reject me because they dislike me for being mroe in contact with the sobrenatural than them.... i would still take care of them.

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Re: Is "power" healthy?
Post # 8
Are you referring to fueling your abilities (willpower)?

Or simply screwing around with people (domination)?


The best advice that I can give you, is to start with the basics. That will be your "shielding", "centering", and meditation.

You need to focus and control what ability you have, in order to improve upon it.


With the ploy of simplicity, dark rituals are quickest way to, Desire Street ... However, the high probability of becoming "roadkill", defeats the purpose for most.


Take care.

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