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Controversy: Telekinesis

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Controversy: Telekinesis
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Controversy: Telekinesis
Post # 1
Ok, from what I've seen around the web telekinesis is a controversial topic. Personally I think it is real based on experiences I've had. I'm not super good, you could probably give me a 30 out of 100. Yeah, I'm still a beginner.I've heard of people who are famous for telekinesis, but I can't remember what their names are. I hope one day myself to get good at it. I intend to improve, but just knowing I have it and doing it alone makes me feel good enough and happy enough. I've even done it for a few other people. I'm good enough that I can get other people to notice whatever small object is in motion. So far I can roll a light erasable pen or pencil and slide anything light and flat. I can get it to move, but not at an extreme speed. i heard someone say they could move something the weight of an SUV, but I'm not sure anyone can get that good... : /

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
Post # 2

Your right, it is a very controversial subject.

The skeptics, most of the time will say "You can't do that! It goes against the laws of science!."

But I normally reply that you also have to understand that magic in general basically goes against the laws of science. If you go up to a scientist and say that after you do a spell something happens such as falling in love or making it rain he will reply "your crazy." He will then lecture you on the water cycle and how water evaperates and then falls to the ground in the form of rain...yada yada.

So good for you, hope you get really good at Telekinesis. :) Maybe you'll just have to try to move an SUV to see for yourself. :D

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

"But I normally reply that you also have to understand that magic in general basically goes against the laws of science."

That's not true at all. Magick and natural law are two sides of the same coin. Magick is not going to oppose science, and does not make the impossible suddenly possible. They go hand in hand. And on top of that, no you cannot make it rain either. You have no control over the weather or over elements and cannot manipulate it to that degree. You're not going to be able to "move an SUV" with your mind. You should spend your time looking into something practical and worthwhile.

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
Post # 4
Yes magic is part of nature BUT we do not know ALL of it's laws so talk to me in 50 years Personified

as for if TK is real well i believe in it and have had sum success but to few to give you a answer so sum advice, follow you hart not ppl and have common sens

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
Post # 5
So telekineses is real? I've always wondered if something like this was real,even tho you have only moved a pencil that's still cool and I wish to learn this power.

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
By: / Novice
Post # 6
"Yes magic is part of nature BUT we do not know ALL of it's laws"

Quite correct, we do not know everything and we even that of what we do know we are not 100% certain that it's correct. There are things we do know for certain though , for example nothing happens spontaneously without cause and objects do not move without a force. From these two points alone we have can build the conclusion that telekinesis, assuming its existence, requires the exertion of a force on an object, in order for anyone to ever truly master such a skill they would have to know where the force comes from so my question would be that, what force are you applying?

Note that energy is not the same as force and that magical energy is not the same as the potential energy that you can create force from. To date and to my knowledge there has been no evidence that magical energy can be converted into either potential energy or a force directly although I may be wrong and I welcome anyone to show me such proof.

To highlight a specific whole in the current knowledge that points to a possible mechanism of telekinesis can be built into theory but simply to claim that there may be such a whole without any further suggestions is ultimately irrelevant.

(Now for a slightly off topic bit about addressing the summoning of rain. I would not say that it is impossible to summon rain simply because such traditions are spread throughout quite so many cultures but all of them have in common that they seek a divine power to summon the rain and even then they are influencing it without guarantee of success and not one of such examples could not be attributed to chance as many involve a time consuming ritual and a large waiting period in which rain may occur at any point and others are simply tied in with annual seasonal changes. This makes it exceptionally difficult to know if such a practice works and I for one am on the fence about it.)

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
Post # 7
I believe in both rainmaking and telekinesis.

Lets start with the actual subject of this thread. Telekinesis is not moving something with nothing, it is moving something with something unseen. Think of it this way: Everything is made of energy. Atoms are smaller particles made up of smaller particles made up of energy. You are a drop in this sea of energy. So how can you find one drop in a sea? You can't. But, you can drop something on that one drop to create a ripple. Don't believe me? Start typing. You are controlling the energy in you in order to move the keys. This is simply very condensed energy, so condensed it is matter. The hard part is performing similar actions with less condensed energy.

I agree, you can't pull a car.

On rainmaking, I base my belief in past success. Of course, you can't make a hurricane out of thin air, but I have made some decent strength storms, and on a cloudy day it is easy to create a drizzle.

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Bringing up atoms and energy is all good and well, but then you're going to need to understand energy, free energy, entropy, enthalpy and all the other known and proven laws regarding energy. You can't simply move things or influence them to move by thinking about it and straining really hard.

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Again, quite correct, energy and matter are explicitly linked to be one and the same. Only two issues are how do you create the energy necessary to create the matter and two how can you possibly summon and control that much energy. In the fastest of particle accelerators produce only tiny amounts of subatomic particles and they're using enough energy to power a city. Even if you could get an equal amount of energy then you wouldn't actually be able to move anything visible in it which would mean you're having to turn your body into a mini nuclear power station just to slide a small piece of paper, not the most likely of events nor the most practical method when you could just pick it up.

Re: Controversy: Telekinesis
Post # 10
I agree, don't think you can move a car... I personally believe people are saying they can just to look cool but when they are actually asked to try? Not so cool. I don't see anything wrong with moving small stuff; I think that's enough to look cool. I also agree that magic cannot defy natural law. I mean, look at it like this. Hundreds of spells in my coven that attempt physical transformation. If you can't normally physically transform, then the same would go with moving an SUV. I believe there are limits in telekinesis. For example, you can't normally move an SUV, so therefore you can't telekinetically move an SUV. So I personally think you can't use telekinesis and expect to move something you can't normally move. This isn't the case in movies, but sometimes it seems some people watch too much TV and get the idea they can accomplish such. But with real-life telekinesis, you cannot defy more physical limits, just as I explained in my example above.

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