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Name: Carmen211
Location: The Abyss
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I am a more private mage. I have a few of my own spells. I keep a personal spell book of all my spells. I also keep a journal. I have some spells related to erotica that aren't appropriate for me to post here, so if anybody wants one of those then message me. I will give you one. My erotic spells are specifically for women, however. I do not have erotic spells that would much assist men. Sorry, guys.
I'm trying to make real deal spells specifically to outweigh the hundreds of fluff spells there are on here. I'd like to see more real work and less fluff. I'm somewhat busy, but I'll be trying to squeeze in time to put more real work on here if I have any ideas.
I also want to add that if you message me and I don't respond for a while that it's more than likely because I'm playing immortal night. If you have an account there, just leave me a message there and I will get to you as soon as I can. My name there is Sick Saw IX. Can't miss it. :) A secondary reason for no response is because I am sometimes very busy and so forth. If i'm currently busy and finish later on, it is more than likely my replies on either site will be late, so I ask you to be patient with me.
Also please keep in mind that I am fair. Should you attempt to harm me in any way, I will use magic to hurt you back. You don't bother me, I won't bother you. Say something nice, intelligent, or just stay silent.
I am a psychic vampire. No, I do not have fangs. No, I do not have pale skin. No, I do not have superhuman speed or anything TV vampires have. A psychic vampire looks just like any other person, but has energy issues. That's the truth. If you wanna know more do research. I will not explain every little detail here.