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Name: Exloremaster
Birthday: Oct 8 1996
Location: Malta
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Hi there I'm am a maltese pagan and have been studying magic for a few years now, although i like the spiritual path more that the magical one, I have brown eyes and brown/black hair. I'm also 18, and dyslexic so sorry if I misspell something here and there. and i'm probably gonna get in trouble for this but i believe strongly in physic powers (not hollywood stuff tho) but i respect the fact that other ppl don't and only ask that you give me the same courtesy. I also have this drive for knowledge and sometimes get in trouble for asking to many questions. I love: hiking and camping (anything to do with the outdoors really) playing chess when i can and to play the occasional video came I really really like reading and my favorite books are the "A song of ice and fire series" but to be honest what i really like to do is sit down with someone and discuss spirituality and life with a side of philosophy but it's hard to find someone to do that with if you like numerology my destiny number is 7 :) and i'm a libra also fell free to text me questions or comments i'm always intrested in a discussion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- the girl you just called fat/ shes overdosing on diet pills. the girl you called ugly/she spends hours trying to put on makeup hoping people will like her. the boy you just tripped/he gets abused enough at home. the boy you just made fun of for crying/ his mother is dieing in the hospital. if you are against bullying repost this