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Name: Murfie
Birthday: Jan 7 1990
Location: London
Gender: Male
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So where do I begin about myself. My name's Murfie so for those of you that hadn't guessed I am indeed Irish, not a leprechaun but I am a Capricorn which at least rhymes with it. On the subject of me being a Capricorn, I honestly love getting messages but please give them some kind of purpose. I make an effort to reply to everything but "hi" just gets incredibly tedious after a while. It's been a long time since this was updated so I'm going to try and bring everyone up to speed a bit. I'm no longer a student sadly and can no longer get away with sponging off of society but actually have to contribute in some way. I'm holding down a couple of jobs whilst still chasing the ever elusive stage. As far as magical practice goes I started all the way back when I was seventeen so I have seven years of practice now. Although I would add that my actual practice didn't pick up properly until I arrived at university so it may in reality be closer to only five. That said I've come along way in those few years and I've been jumping through hoops and what not for a while now. Sadly my university society is behind me and although I still pop into see them every now and then I'm no longer able to claim that I'm in charge of anything. Indeed these days I largely work alone, which in many ways I prefer as it's aloud me to focus far more on my own spiritual development rather than on the needs of others. I will be honest and say I haven't really practiced what most people consider to be magic in a long time now instead most of my practice is based on a spiritual level and a variety of altered state type techniques rather than the typical interpretation of magic although you could argue there is a degree of ritual involved within that. Spiritually I walk a Celtic path, more specifically from my Irish heritage and the Tuatha De Danann. Most of the workings I now perform are pitched towards this and have evolved mainly into spiritual endeavors. Despite this I do not refer to myself as a Druid, a Druid has a more strict set of beliefs in nature than I do (note that a neo-Druid may not necessarily be a Celtic practitioner at all). If I was forced to place a label onto my faith then I would probably simply stick with a Celtic Pagan. Any-who I won't keep you reading any longer, I'm sure I'll get to talk to you all later, don't hesitate to ask me anything you have on your mind. Nice to meet you all and I hope to hear from you soon.