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Need Teacher

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Need Teacher
Post # 1
I need a teacher who is willing to teach Dragon Magick to me.
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Re: Need Teacher
Post # 2
No such thing as Dragon Magick....
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Re: Need Teacher
Post # 3

Actually, there is such a thing as dragon magick. It is working with the spirits of dragons in the astral realm, or their energies. There are not many who practice dragon magick here, so I am not so sure you will find a teacher. However you could do some research on it and hopefully come up with something.

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Re: Need Teacher
Post # 4
There ar dragon magic, and i have a few of them that is not convergence. Email me if you would like to know some.
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Re: Need Teacher
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
"The old/closed Dragon Magick coven forums for viewing.

This site has some good information to help you start with draconic magick.

This book is on draconic magick but focussing on the Norse aspect of dragon magick with a focus also on runes. It mostly revolves around the three main dragons of Norse mythology.

The best thing you can do to learn is by learning from the dragons their selves. If unsure of how to contact a dragon please refer to the prior given sources on how to do so."

Being that dragons are spiritual beings, it's going to take some pretty good skill at meditation and astral projection. Dragon magick is not a path that every one can just pick up and follow. Some just aren't cut out for it. However, that doesn't mean that if things just aren't turning out the way you intend or want it's ok to just drop it. This is a path that will definitely take some time and a lot of practice to get any where.
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Re: Need Teacher
By: / Novice
Post # 6
fox-moon is a great site. it hard to find information in it since it's so solitary and not many practitioners give out information outside the clan.

i wrote a quick FAQ guide that might help you:


Dragon Magick is a form of high magic, and success really comes down to your own commitment. you need to be very good with meditation and astral projection if you are to work with dragons, but also be sure you know the basics to magic, like circle casting, energy work, protection. you also need to face your fears, dragons can tell your intent, if you wish to rule them or if you fear them, they will ignore you, or possibly attack you. keep in mind they're astral beings so if you've traveled to the astral and they attack you, physically, you'll be fine [might have trouble projecting for a while, and you'll probably feel numb after returning to your body, but other than that fine]

most of the information on Dragon Magick is passed down verbally, so you can't really find many books on the subject. D.J. Conway's pretty much all we've got. there's one you can buy online, but i can't remember the name right now. Conway isn't the greatest, but you should probably find a cheap copy of Dances with Dragons and read it. theirs maybe a chapter of good information in it, but people seem to source her as the creator of Dragon Magick, so you should read the book and form your own opinion. personally, i think she came up with the name, but working with dragon energies no. it's very personal and secretive, so you need to learn from the dragons. you could find some basic information, but past the riding the dragon ceremony the dragons reveal the rituals, spells, and tests, so there's not much written about it.
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