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Post # 1
Can Anyone help me Become a medium
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Re: Mediumship
By: / Novice
Post # 2
In my opinion mediumship is like any type of school subject that could be studied and be mastered by anyone who likes it to be developed.

Try to read this:)



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Re: Mediumship
By: / Novice
Post # 3
bit of both actually. it's similar to art skills, some are born with them and drawing comes easier to them. you can still learn art, it'll just be a little harder.

balance your chakra's, this will help, some teas can also help, and you'll need to practice. you can do some exercises like take a deck of playing cards and try to visualize what the card is. start with the colour and work your way up to the card. it helps with psychic abilities, so it should also help with becoming a medium. i also know of a few books that could help you, can't remember the title of this really good one, but i think it's by Edain McCoy, or at least the cover looks the same as her Astral Projection book.

question though, why do you want to become a medium? it's not as awesome as you might think. i've had some bad night sleeps myself because of spirits, and it can get annoying when you're trying to do something and there's a spirit bugging you in some way. theirs this one spirit [think it's a child] who keeps running down my hallway peaking around corners whenever i'm in the kitchen cooking.

be sure you know how to dispel negative energy unless it builds up, be it in you or your house. keep a sage smudge to be safe.
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Re: Mediumship
Post # 4

I agree Neko. Not every attribute or ability you earn is something you get when you're born, by birth. In this case this is called 'psychic development'. Basically, even with a gift you will not be fully developed in a spiritual and psychic way. Even as a gifted and psychic person you will need to practice and develop your psychic abilities. Sometimes people are 'more gifted' and sometimes they're 'less gifted', but yet, people from both of the categories must take care and practice in order to psychic develop themselves and actually get somewhere using their psychic abilities and gifts they got.

People might be confused here because they do not really know the definition of the word 'ability' or mediumship.

The definition of the word exactly is : power or capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc. competence in an activity or occupation because of one's skill, training , or other qualification. (from dictionary.com).

I underlined the word training because mostly the misunderstanding occurs because people think that the term ability means something which is a gift or a skill you got by birth, while you can earn these skills and get this ability developed and found within yourself by the training, even if one has less potential than another. The word ability as very misunderstood. So this is why I agree with Neko.

As for mediumship itself. To make it short, a medium is someone who can connect to people, either spiritually or physically and channel the energy. A medium is a living conduit. They allow spirits to take them over in a controlled environment and can read physical people being able to empathise with them, being able to kind of 'share' their energy and personal experiences them in the moment they do their reading, picking up on how they feel, think, desire, etc performing this.

As all arts and practices, this can be achieved by training as well. Doing the actions described upon are all achieved by training, either by 'gifted' people who might not even be aware of the gifts they have, and either by people who need to practice and train themselves in order to develop their skills a bit more hardly.

You may read and learn about psychic development and mediumship to get a general idea about this subject.

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Re: Mediumship
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I generally agree with almost all stated above ,however I would like to add that not all mediums allow consciously to be channel or conduit ,sometimes they simply got possessed if they come across forceful entity (human or not ) and are not able to protect themselves and stop the process .Spirits are pretty much aware of our level of protection ,emotions ,will ,weakness ,and how talented and developed we are .So knowing yourself is very essential so you do not get caught by surprise .Mediumship is not for everyone ,it requires a lot of will , self-control and self-knowledge .It takes a training to develop as such one and there is never guarantee that even going through training you will be really good at it .
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