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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Nightmares
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Post # 1
I have the same nightmare for almost a month. So I wanted to know what can I do to keep this nightmare away? I really don't know much about this topic, so I am asking anybody who knows:) Please help:d
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Re: Nightmares
By: / Novice
Post # 2
What is your nightmare all about?
It may be a sign but...
You may still be having negativities throughout your body.
Try to meditate to balance things out.And grounding maybe help.

Cleansing you body with water mixed with salt is and excellent method of cleansing since salt has cleansing properties.Visualizing yourself being cleanse while pouring water to your body will increase it's effectiveness
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Re: Nightmares
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
If it's the same nightmare repeating for this long, then I'd suggest looking at the nightmare itself, and seeing if you can figure out what it might mean. Maybe find somebody who could help you out in finding the meaning. In any case, trying the previous person's suggestions shouldn't hurt. Again, this kind of repetition of the nightmare is probably going to mean something, if there's anything you're really worried about maybe that's it or maybe its something else.
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Re: Nightmares
By: / Novice
Post # 4
it could be a warning you're not listening to. if you want to keep it away there's a few things you could look into, like a dreamcater, or a protection spell. you could also get a dream pillow, or put some essential oil on your pillow, lavender is rather calming. spell can effect your sleep, it could bring good dreams, bad dreams, lucid dreams, so on. also, think about what you eat before bed. dairy, fruit, and heavy food like meat typically cause bad dreams. i never have dairy before bed, cheese especially, it results in horrific and vivid dreams, while my friend eats cheese if she wants to remember her dream.
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Re: Nightmares
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I've found that quite often nightmares are the result of imbalances in the body, or stressful situations in your waking life. As said above, try to analyze the nightmare. What emotions do you feel? Where does it take place? Who is in it? These questions can often give you a good idea of what is causing the nightmare, and it sometimes makes it easier to trace it back to the situation which causes it. Many people recommend not eating late at night, regardless of the food, due to its ability to create strange dream situations. As mentioned before, this dream is most likely trying to tell you something, either about yourself or a situation in your waking life. As for keeping it from returning, dreamcatchers work wonders. Meditate before you sleep so you have a calm mind and body when entering the dream world. Lavender is good for peaceful dreams as well, and sewing it into a pillow with thyme is said to make a wonderful dream pillow.hope this helps.
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Re: Nightmares
By: / Novice
Post # 6
just thought of one more last night, probably nothing but there's this demon [i think it's called the mare, but it's been a while so don't quote me] anyway they apparently follow the prints of your slippers to your bed then they either sit on your chest, or stand by your bed and feed off you, causing nightmares. you need to point your slippers away from the bed to get rid of them. meaning in the toes of your slippers point to your bed, it can get you, so move your slippers away from your bed.

i say this because my mom so many years ago use to wake up every night screaming, whenever i ran in i couldn't see/sense anything. one day when i was in her room reading a demonology book, i came across this demon, and she always kept her slippers toes pointing towards the bed, under the head of her bed. i moved her slippers to rest under her nightstand and she hasn't suffered a nightmare in about 7 years.

not saying it will work, but it's something you could try.
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