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How long do curses take?

Forums ► General Info ► How long do curses take?
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How long do curses take?
Post # 1
About 6 months ago I was told that a curse was upon me to make me and everyone I love die or something, because I didn't pay him. Nothing's happened yet, does this mean the guy was lying

Re: How long do curses ta
Post # 2
It takes long, I did a curse on this girl in the beginning of the year and only about 4 weeks ago did she get really hurt and her parents died. So I'm guessing it takes a while. Depending on how strong you are and how the spell was done.

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 3
anyone who says this you should stay well clear of, the person was probably lying as real curses like this need a lot of power and most people won't go to all that trouble that this type of curse entails. The best way to deal with this is sit quietly and call on the archangel Michael and ask him to protect you and your loved ones and pets. See a royal blue light surround you and ask Michael to help this person who threatened you find peace within themselves. You'll be fine, Michael is a very very powerful angel. Trust in him

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 4
He said it was because he started a love spell for me and because I couldn't pay him, he couldn't complete it and that made the gods angry and they will make all that stuff happen. Does this make any sense?

Re: How long do curses take?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
He's telling you lies. Just ignore him and go about your days and ways. I highly doubt any deity will be upset just because you supposedly didn't pay a (most likely) fake spell caster who is only trying to swindle money out of people. If you are seriously concerned, just do a cleansing and banishing ritual and do/use some protection spells, rituals, stones, runes, etc.

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 6
I know that you can do lots of different curses on people but do death spells actually work cause that seems like some pretty extreme and powerful magic.

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 7
if you will tell me a little about whoever put the curse on you, I may be able to counteract your curse... depending on the strength of the curse.

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 8
Maybe somehow you're protected. I don't know what precautions you may or might have taken. I don't even know anything about your adversary; your enemy. I have a saying, "the wages of sin are eventually death, by Death."

Well, the thing about curses is that it depends on how much of an emotional state or how much of a malicious bolt the sender put forth, in the ritual or into the intent, that can make the curse strong. I've seen and heard of curses working the night of a cast.

Curses should work very quick, or at least start to take affect very quickly. Like a head rush. Things that can signify a curse are sometimes followed by an omen. Generally the way that curses carry themselves out, is within the caster's idea of symbolism that he or she may incorporate into the ritual. It really depends upon the caster's paradigm shift. It is like if one does this then that should happen. It is what you believe in or about.

I think this makes a good topic on what sort of symptoms to look out for in black magick. This can be omens, nightmares, anything malfunctioning of the body, air thickening, negative thoughts, emotions anything out of the ordinary with consistent occurrences, and all of which can't normally be explained.

If one is to think they are under attack of black magick, they should keep the lookout of objects put in their yard, possibly put there by an enemy. One should also keep track of personal belongings, because a malicious caster can use something that has your essence imbedded into it. A malicious caster will generally, or sometimes, throw negatively charged objects onto the property of the intended target, when they don't have a personal object of that person(s). Sometimes just knowing the person's name and date of birth suffices enough.

If someone can almost die from internal bleeding, from the result of black magick, then I suppose black magick is very real. I suppose it's surreal.

I just got a bright idea of casting a spell into a document on a USB drive, then to have that document sent to whatever email that I so choose, as a poem, because generally when someone reads a poem they read it aloud, and everybody loves poems.

So cursing a program document, on a USB drive, sounds like a very creative way to curse someone. If you really think about it. . . it can get more creative. It is not like opening up an envelop with negatively charged voodoo remains. There are more details to this than is discussed. All these spiritual rules and possible laws that come to mind.

I think he was lying.

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 9
people like this should be shot! He's talking bull, the gods are more likely to be angry with him for threatening you like this. In future stay away from people like this, do your own spells because no-one has the power to change your life more than you. Believe in yourself and if you find that difficult have an open mind and approach magick with the attitude "this could change my life", and keep at your spells. Determination pays off. This person is a loser. Forget him.

Re: How long do curses take?
Post # 10
you need to be specific.. curses are the most powerfull magic in history ( my opinion) and doing one may cause your life to flip upside down or even get close to death i never eccomend anyone doing that and no it can’t get you killed ( my experience) or your loved ones

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