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Violence Against Witches

Forums ► General Info ► Violence Against Witches

Violence Against Witches
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
For some of us, the idea of witch hunts is a thing of the past. Especially those living in the U.K. and America. Under law we are "free" to practise any religion, including Witchcraft. But what most are not aware of is that thousands of people continue to die per year in the name of witch hunts.


Even children are being abused and dying for it



As a mother, articles like these make me cry.

But even in places where we are "protected" by the law, not even free means "safe" and by no means does everyone obey these laws. "Hate crimes" and "religious discrimination" are terms these acts against witches and other magick practioners of various cultures is labeled. But they are still ever present and you, as someone either interested in being a witch or consider yourself, should know about it.

Many people do not hide being a witch because they are not proud, but because they are being cautious. Witches, and pagans in general, are discriminated against at work, school, by family, and friends in many ways. But sometimes, its taken a step further and violence can be directed toward them, many times even resulting in the person's death.

And sadly, just as the recent Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin, people are wrongfully attacked on the assumption they are something they are not. In the case of the Sikh temple, those poor people were attacked by an ex-military man who fought in the Middle East. Many times, "witches" persecuted are not even "witches", just as those who have lived their entire lives in America have been attacked and even killed, with the vigilante associating them with those in the Middle East. So not only are there "hate crimes" but many times they are done to those entirely unrelated but mistaken to fit the description.

Even here, I see so often "a witch put a curse on me!" Or "a witch stole my boyfriend". Yes, it still is happening, and people will continue to blame their misfortunes on "black magic". And those people who have an inclination to be aggressive and violent, driven by emotion--especially hate--, and fueled with prejudice thinking are out there and aren't going to consider that their actions are against the law. You shouldn't hide in fear, but you should be aware of this fact and be careful.

I have to say, although I don't like the Wiccan religion it has done one amazing thing for us. It has made it very well known that a large and growing group of witches believe in "harm none" and this is very contrary to what so many believe about witches in general. So now there is a tolerance growing and even a rising interest in magick, as people are realizing witches aren't devils riding broomsticks and victimizing people for giggles.

But what DOESN'T help is the media, the "fluffs" who feed into works of fiction, and others (fluffs to legitamately experienced) who want to practice magick just to get their way in life. "I want my girlfriend back", "I want to curse", "I want money" are common repeated themes, not only here but EVERYWHERE. And you as a witch, must understand that others who see this WILL assume we are ALL like this. You're condemned by many before you even get the chance to open your mouth to speak.

We cannot just point fingers at other religions but take a really good look around, and maybe (for some of you) in the mirror at how we are represented. There is good and bad people in every religion, but it is within our power to make sure we (as an individual) reflect our ways in a positive light in public eyes. One person can claim to be a "witch" and "curse" a person to their face, and the next "witch" that person encounters may very well suffer for the other's actions. People fear what they do not understand. And fear can make people do terrible things.

Many believe that attacks on witches throughout the ages to present day are not genocide but gendercide--that is, a fight against women not witches. A fight for dominacy, and fear of women being seen as stronger than men.

But I personally believe that it is not about gender but religion. Perhaps some have done it due to gender, but now it is primarily religious discrimination and the repetitive association with magic and evil. People too often feed into ignorance and express hatred toward other religions and ways. Religious intolerance is a very scary thing to me. Some of the kindest people can become violent in the name of their religion against another person they consider "evil". And the lies they continue to come up with and are teaching their own children are equally frightening.



Please feel free to add to this with your own newspaper articles of recent examples the acts of hatred magick practioners (and mistaken witches) continue to suffer from. I wrote this in order to spread a little awareness.

A lot of beginners here think it's "cool" to practise magick and get into it only because they want to be different or want to use it for selfish reasons. And in addition, many flaunt it around, believing it will give them more respect or cause them to be feared. Some use it as a weapon, "don't make me mad, I'll curse you". People need to realize it's not a joke. It is not a game. It is not a good way to make friends!

If you are doing it for the right reasons, this article won't make you think twice about continuing your practise because its in your heart, where it should be. But if this article does make you reconsider, then I'm pleased, because I just made you see outside of your own box. Hopefully, you'll begin seeing outside of it more often, and if you do continue practising magick or calling yourself a witch, you do so with respect and more caution.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
Post # 2
Thank you for posting this White.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You're welcome. And I also wanted to add this one, to show it doesn't just happen in other countries.


Brysing told me about one that occurred in the U.K. last year, but I couldn't find it. However, I did find this one which paints an equally disturbing picture.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
And for those of you who do not know, the landoverbaptist link was not written in sincerety. However sadly enough, most of us have heard such things from serious Christians, so I used it. I find the legitamate ones like this are far worse and I didn't want to upset anyone with an authentic one. Trying to keep it a little light.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i've heard about many african nations calling out children as witches, does really upset me. i'm no children lover, but come on, they're kids. i heard about it a while back through a youtuber i watch:


many people believe all this stuff is over, i'm glad you posted this to show people it's not. while people don't go around [in the first world] calling people out for witchcraft and burning them. people are still persecuted for their beliefs. i remember one articles speaking of a coven wanting to buy a plot of land in their town in massachusetts. what wound up happening was the town taxed the land until they declared bankruptcy. there's also accounts of people being stoned and businesses owned by witches burned. i even had a friend who was locked in the basement of a church while two priests tried to 'save his soul'.

it is sad really how people can be so close minded. whenever i hear anything i check the facts before going forward, why others can't do the same i don't know. it would be a better place if people would just stop for a moment and look into something, instead of going 'oh, so-and-so told me witches are evil, so they're evil.' anyway, i like your post, very informative, i hope it's pinned so others can read the articles.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
Post # 6
I've heard about some people hunting witches on halloween.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Truly, I loved this post, White. I think you made some really clear and needed points about it.

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Re: Violence Against Witches
Post # 8
I wish every country in the world that don't accept other religions will accept it later on it's 2012 common really.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
Post # 9
It is a sad horrible cycle that some people live in. They fear what the don't understand, but since they are afraid they want to remain ignorant instead of learning about it and become more fearful. The only way to back the cycle is to learn about what you are afraid, unfortunately people don't realize this and continue to live in fear. Hopefully someday people will start to see that lashing out at your fear will not make it go away only knowledge will do that. good post by the way I think it will have an impact on some people.
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Re: Violence Against Witches
Post # 10
Pagans didn't use their magick in the past to destroy Christianity when it was being developed.The result was Christianity destroying every single trace of those ancient traditions i.e. The Norse Eddas date around 1300,time when witch-hunts had already started and most Norse traditions had been lost.

(Not to mention that what might have been a more reliable documentation I'm very afraid is been destroyed by the inquisition or by Zionists).

We don't use our powers now,at this moment,when the world religions are in chaos we might be destroyed completely.

Ever heard of the Protocols of Zion?Called an antisemitic Hoax created by the Tsar's Secret Service Okhrama,but how can an antisemitic Hoax of 1905 can describe exactly the problems we're living today,and every political,social,religious stratagem with its results during these 107 years?

And if the Okhrama was so powerful to foresee the following 107 years how was it possible that couldn't foresee the fall of the Tsar only 12 years later in 1917?

I have read one or two of those protocols,and Protocol 14 is one of the most disturbing,where it speaks of the unification of the religion in Judaism.

Other protocols that talk about the period after the World-Government is established and how,every different way of living(exept judaic one) is going to be exterminated.

I do not write this to suggest you to be antisemitic.Jews,and I mean common jews like you and me,suffer as much of us,and won't profit from this.It's only a group of psychopaths who believe they're descendants of King David and they're destined to rule the world that does this,so don't take my call as an act of racism.

But if all of us,Asatru,Wiccans,Witches,Warlocks would cast spells and invoke the gods in prayers for those plans to fail,well,we would start taking the upper hand on the Gentles(Christians&Muslims).

Gentles are mere puppets that without their masters would go in worse chaos than today.Zionists create disorder,so that people would ask for order.The religious disorders of today looks like they're headed East,where non-gentle religions like Hinduism,Budism and Taoism are still strong.

Once they destroy these religions and make the world only of
Christians&Muslims,they will expose a truth we all know:
That Christianity and Islam derived from Judaism.So everyone would run towards Judaism.

Then comes the destruction of records and information regarding Paganism and Witchcraft.This is mentioned in the protocols as "cancelling lies from history".

The problem we have is with the Gentles,but,today,they are getting stronger and stronger thanks to the fact that we're on the Religious Unification part of the plan.Yet they are in conflict with one another,Christians and Muslims.We cannot hope to defeat them.

So,I propose,a Counter Attack,using this time,our greatest and unique weapon:Magick.

The first step is to put curses and spells on the Protocols,so that they fail to be realized it is important that they fail fast.That's why I'm asking everyone to cast his/her spell/prayer.

The second step is to weaken the Gentle religions,again through spells.

The third step is to make the Veil Between Worlds thinner.

If you're in this with me,I will explain you the WHY of each step,why 3 steps and why in this order.

However,if you're in this,you shall agree that you will never aim your magick towards innocents,jews or gentles alike.We will cast on general purposes only,and will cast on specific persons only if they occupy key positions I.E. The Pope.

So,are you with me?
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