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Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Spell-astrophe
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Post # 1

I have been seeing a lot questions asking either "is this spell real," does this spell work," do I need follow all of the ingredients/instructions for this spell," or "can someone cast/make a spell for me?"

Well the answer to these questions isn't a simple yes or no.

Spells: Real or Fake?

The truth is, a spell can neither be real nor fake. Spells are just a tool used to channel energy and thus accomplish a goal.

Do Spells Work?

Whether the spell succeeds or not isn't because of the spell itself, its because of the witch. If you don't believe that the spell will work when your casting it then the spell has little chance of actually working. There is no such thing as a faulty spell, but there is a such thing as a faulty witch.

Do I Need To Follow The Spell Precisely?

A spell could be a simple as just saying "make me get a job at walmart" or could be as complicated as waiting for a specific time that would only happen once every 1000 years and involving ingredients from around the world. Spells can be adjusted to fit you and your lifestyle. Ingredients aren't needed and most instructions can be changed. Do ingredients help with the spell; in most cases yes. Are they needed, no.

Can Someone Cast/Make A Spell For Me?

The fact of the matter is, any spell that you make or cast yourself will most likely be more powerful than if someone does it for you. Also, spells are just tools; if you don't want to use a spell or don't know how then just don't use a spell. Instead, think of what you what the outcome of your desire to be and then visualize this coming true. Then do this technique as often as you can until your desire comes true. This technique is simple and only requires a minute or two to complete. You don't need a super experienced witch to cast a spell for you, you can do it too. All you need to do is believe in yourself and your abilities.

All in all, whatever kind of spell you wish to do, you just need to find one that "clicks" with you.

By the way, the title is a combination of "Spells" and "Catastrophe," if anyone was wondering.

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Re: Spell-astrophe
Post # 2
Nice! Good post.
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Re: Spell-astrophe
Post # 3
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Re: Spell-astrophe
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
The thing you seem to be forgetting here are the unfortunate fantasy spells. Those are indeed "fake" spells. Howver, with a valid spell (one that is realistic and possible) the skill and experience of the caster are quite important.
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Re: Spell-astrophe
Post # 5

The magical community is divided on that subject. Some people beleive it is true, others false. The choice is yours. However, I still stand by my conclusion that spells can't be real or fake. Since a spell is only a tool to create a pathway of magic between the spellcaster and the desired outcome, the spell itself can't be fake. Could it be possible that their is nothing at the end of this "path"? Yes, but it could also be that nobody has ever ventured the "path" enough to find out what really is on the other end.

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Re: Spell-astrophe
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
In the sense of fantasy spells and the like, these spells are fake in the matter that they will not work. The only reason for a division for them being a working spell is merely because there are going to be people of various ages who will believe such spells are real just because they exist on a website. Just because a fantasy spell is written and posted some where does not make it any more real.

There are still real spells - spell that when cast actually do work. Yes, strip a spell if the tools and you have energy, intent, and direction at the core. Leave it at just that and it's still a spell. A spell is a spell no matter how much you are just stating your intent whilst putting out the energy for it or no matter how many stockpiles of tools you have incorporated into the working.

Yes, tools are not a necessity, but have been proven to be rather useful; whether using exact tools as requested/required or substituting for a tool of an appropriate purpose. A lot of people dont seem to take enough notice to a very important tool that's always applied - the mind. I name the mind as a specific tool for matters relating to other tools. The casting of a spell using incantations and/or various items has subconscious and conscious played by the mind. Conscious actions being that you are consciously aware of the intent in mind and your actions/words spoken during the spell. But unleass trained to consciously do so, the subconscious mind takes a part to help in the matter of manipulating energy to be put out for the intent to take place. How often do you find that people consciously guide out energy with manipulation when doing an incantation spell? Not too very often for what I can tell. Yet people get told to "practice your energy manipulation with guided intent" and all that for the means of getting the hang of taking conscious action for workings of such instead of the subconscious doing it for you. But in turn, let it be practiced enough and be well practiced to be a habitual skill learned. Being that it's made habitual, odds are that it's going to be a subcinscios act done - considering a good handful of habits are done subconsciously. Albeit,it could become a habitual routine that would be done on a conscious level, yet scheduled subconsciously; such as getting into the habbit of grounding and centering each morning and night, meditating so many times a day, doing a cleansing ritual each Thorsday, etc. I think I've got my point out with that. @

You can't always blame the witch on being faulty. Because as said at the beginning, there are spells that just will not work no matter how much the person wants them to and tries. In such cases, it's not exactly fault of the caster the spell doesn't work. However, it is fault of the caster for attempting a spell that would be clearly obvious as to being a fake spell. On the flip-side, spells that would seemingly work or has truly worked for others, it would be the fault of the caster for any number of reasons.

But whilst all thus goes on not all working/legit/real spells will work for all casters. Some spells just won't work for others. Does this make it fake? Not really. This just means it follows a common guideline - per say - of "what works for me may not work for you; and vice versa." It happens more often than is acknowledged. As for the matter of making a spell, not all are good at just simply making a spell. And it's not in all, or I infer even the majority of, cases are can any one just come up with a spell to do. It seems that more people do better at taking a working spell from a website or book and casting it for their purpose over making their own spell to cast. In which case, it's a matter of do what works for you.

I must agree that if you want a spell to be cast then do it your self, otherwise don't worry about a spell and work at it on yout own effort. Essentially, a spell is going to be stronger being cast by the one who wants the spell cast. Or so it would be assumed. You casting it your self would make your specific intent given to the spell/energies to be carried out. And when you have another person casting for you, they can know all about your situation as need be, but odd are that they could never fully duplicate your intent to be the same as you would gave it. So in that since, doing it your own self can make it stronger. But whether you cast for your self or another for you, the strength of the spell comes from the caster his/her self; comes from within the caster no matter who it's for - for self or another.
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