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Ouija Board?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Ouija Board?
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Ouija Board?
Post # 1
I made a homemade ouija board out of a pizza box. It worked and I was apparently talking to "satan." He said he was trying to warn us about 2012, he mentioned how many people die each day, and he made me sacrifice blood. Is this normal?
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Re: Ouija Board?
Post # 2
Spirits are able to lie about who they are and are able to shape-shift. So usually they're very hard to identify, unless you are very experienced, or have a relationship with said spirit. "Is this normal?", is not a good question, too vague. Is it normal for ouija board practitioners to encounter Satan, get warnings about 2012, get death statistics, or be made to sacrifice blood? The blood sacrifice sounds weird, but the first three don't. I'd assume many trickster spirits would assume popular identities to increase their influence over people's ignorance. Moreover, how did "he" (spirits don't have genders only dominant masculine or feminine energies (kind of like dominant and recessive genes if you're into biology)) force you to sacrifice blood?
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Re: Ouija Board?
Post # 3
Satan wouldn't have shown up for a random lady with a pizza box and he wouldn't have limited himself to a weird message and a demand for blood.

People dying each day has absolutely nothing to do with Satan.

And how in the world did he make you sacrifice blood?

... So no, this is not remotely normal.
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Re: Ouija Board?
Post # 4
In spiritual Satanisim we see Satan as a god named Enki but perverted into the christian Satan by the church. He's very compassionate for humanity. Blood sacrafice is only for the dedication ritual, he HATES when humans hurt themselves. Could you explain more of what he was like?
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Re: Ouija Board?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Ha I did the same same with a pizza box. But anyway spirits lie and tell the truth. Im thinking this one was having fun with you. I had a friend who did the same and it said it was God and that sh was going to have 2 kids an they will be deformed(dont think i spelled that right). The spirit was lieing. :) Also 2012 from the Akashic Records don't discribe it as the end of the world.
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Re: Ouija Board?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
so many no statements. satan doesn't talk to people through a ouija board [he talks to them at a crossroads at midnight lol] i was told as a kid by my friend who played with ouija boards that if you ever met a person who called themselves Mr. Smilie, that it was the devil and you had to stop immediately. freaked me out to say the least.

i'm not going to say anything bad about your pizza box board, but you should make them from wood, since there's a bunch of energies [as well as pizza grease] that will effect the spiritual integrity of the board. [but who am i to talk, i bought mine for 13$ and it glows in the dark... although that entertains Rori to no end]

third 2012 isn't real. the worlds end has been predicted for centuries. i've lived through 15 apocalypses in my lifetime that i can remember, and i'm sure i'll live through more. [i've lived through Y2K, Bird Flue, Swine Flu, and 06/06/06 bring it on 2012!] if i'm wrong, i will give you my life's savings.

people die all the time. so pay no mind to a spirit telling you thousands will die in 2012, i bet they will, but not all at once on december 21. ignore the blood sacrifice bit also, it's just lying. spirits lie, you need to know this, they're either bored and want to mess with you, or they need something and they want to trick it out of you. example Rori [spirit who's with me] pretended to be crossing over and desperately needed my help. turns out he wanted to get rid of my cat. when he told me to get rid of Gir [cat] i told him to screw off. [Rori was back to normal after that.]

spirits [for the most part] are people. when we die, our personality still remains, so if we were pranksters, our spirit will be extreme prankster, if we were grouchy, the spirit will be rather spiteful. treat a spirit how you'd want to be treated, don't talk back to them, it rarely ends well.
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