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Name: Gale480
Location: New york
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 06 Oct 2012
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Merry meet! The names Gale, but it changes once in awhile. I specialize in Servitors and healing. I want to learn about anything I can. My patrons Enki. Tolerance, patience, and love are what I try to have, but I'm a bit of a firey idiot at times.
A piseces
A sister
A loving person
A person who knows how to say no
My likes
1. Kids! (In a oh-my-god theyre so cute way)
2. Sleep (Who doesn't?)
3. Magic! (EAT FIRE! XD)
4. My mommy (Yes I call my mom mommy, don't like, complain to my lawyer)
5. My friends
6. Plants/flowers/vegitation
7.Any season but Summer (Heat = Bad!)
8. Flowers, flowers, F-L-O-W-E-R-S!
9. Being HYPER!
10: Anime!!! (fangirl)
11. My religon
1. Anything bright
2. Needles
3. Crazy(mentally unstable in a dangerous way to my own mentality) friends (Not being mean I'm a bit crazy myself, just the really serious, out of it people who think theyre god)
4. Abrahamic/Zionist religons

Hey, you know how you all bullied me? Well thanks, thank you for making me suicidal, you idiots. I can't say I hate you, but I can't say I forgive you. You helped me to grow up, now its your turn.
Hey 'helpful' people, learn to be quiet! When people have problems, don't blow it up in their face! I wanted a friend who let me cry on their shoulder and helped me, not this! As a lesson people, when someones upset, don't scream 'its your fault' done condemm them or hate them, stand by them and comfort, be a confedant who helps figure out the problem, but lets the person make their own decision.