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Forums ► General Info ► Mediums

Post # 1
Hi,i was just curious about mediums,i know they are a type of psychic,but i don't know much else except that they can receive messages from spirits,so i was hoping someone can tell me more about them,thanks.
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Re: Mediums
Post # 2
I would like to know more about it too.. :-)
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Re: Mediums
Post # 3
Mediums are just as you said, psychics, but a little different. As far as I know, I don't think they can see the future. They just have the ability to talk to the dead, and they have a special talent for it unlike another person who can hear them, their abilities reach a little farther than that. Psychics don't have to be mediums, although some mediums claim they can see the future of a specific person, but it's not proven.
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Re: Mediums
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
In short all mediums are psyhics but not all psyhics are mediums .For example some mediums only hear the spirits ,some hear and see them and some do all of those above plus they feel their emotions .There are two main types of mediums mental and physical .Mental is the most common type in this case you communicate with spirits in your mind ,however sometimes spirits use my hands to convey jestures that act as clue to me ,or they use them to show numbers in case i struggle to hear them .For example if you are mental medium you will be able to hear what the spirit is saying while or before he or she start showing you letters on the board .Some mediums also are channelers and automatic writers (or they do drawins too via channeling ).
Trance medium is someone that go into certain stage of trance it varies from light trance (as when you are channeling and doing things automatically ).In light trance you are aware that you are doing strange things ,but that kinda does not bother you ,but you are still enough conscious and aware .In deep trance state you will not be awere of what you are talking and perhaps doing .Instead you go in so called hypnoamnesia while your spirit communicator steps in and talk through your vocal cords .Their voice sometimes change dramatically so does the personality and the manners .
Physical ones are very rare ,but they are able to asist spirits to manifest interesting phenomena (with the help of the circle sitters that are also mediums or psyhics )such apports ,table levitation ,indipendant voice phenomena ,objects moving ,materilization and opposite ,apparitions ,to use of extoplasm to asist all this events .Physical and deep-trans mediums are not about to be disturbed in any moment ,because that can be life threathening for them .

Also in conclusion i will like to add that mediums are more gifted than psyhics and many of them have all of the five spiritual senses developed to certain degree if not to complete .So for many of them is not unusial that they predict the future too or rather their spirit communicators do so through the medium .In fact we have had famous prophet medium called Vangelia Gushterova (Baba Vanga )that indeed used to communicate with the dead and in same time with angels and another beings and in same time to predict evenst for people and worlds events .

I will post some more detailed information on the subject lately .
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Re: Mediums
Post # 5
Thank you.
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Re: Mediums
Post # 6
I used to be able to hear and see spirits when I was younger but blocked it out because of spirit I was terrified of. Since that time I can sense them but havn't been able to get the same connection I had before. I have since learned to protect myself.

Is there a way to "unblock" so to say, to be able to see and hear what I once could?
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Re: Mediums
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Being able to hear and see spirits is not truly the skill of a medium. Nor are they psychics.

A medium is someone who can connect to people (spirit or physical) and channel the energy. A medium is a living conduit. They allow spirits to take them over in a controlled environment and can read physical people by stepping in their shoes, sharing their energy and experiences them in the moment, picking up on how they feel, think, desire, etc while doing this.

Mediums commonly can see and hear spirits as well, but this is because their deep belief in the existence of what they channel and the experience of connecting to spirits causes the medium themselves to be closer to the spiritual world than your average Joe.

Any precognition a medium has is most likely spirit influence. When being a medium, it is quite clear to spirits, and they tend to share their knowledge to warn or help out. Unlike most who don't notice these messages, mediums pick them up extremely easily. Why would a spirit waste their time trying to get through to someone thick headed and skeptical when they can communicate through a medium their advice, many times without the individual even knowing the message was from a spirit who watches over them.

Many mediums don't even know they are mediums. They don't understand why they experience emotions, thoughts, and urges that do not appear of their own. Very open mediums will even speak and act on things without knowing why they said what they said or did what they did. Of course, the rest of the day, they are perfectly sensible and sane people (this is the difference between those mentally unstable and spiritually connected). It is extremely important for mediums to have a protection on themselves 24/7. Natural mediums tend to act off of instinct. They just do, just speak, don't truly think through it. This is because when channeling, you have to be as open as possible to another being's words and movement. But there is no off switch. A medium must train themselves to be capable of dominating their own mind, emotions and actions through increasing awareness and control of themselves. They must also, and I stress, protect themselves.

But being a medium is not fun. So don't start assuming it's "cool". It is one of the toughest gifts to harness and comes with many dangers. I've seen good mediums struck with mental illness more times than not due to the stress and confusion of not being capable of distinguishes their own emotions, thoughts, and urges from spirits, impressions, and physical people around them. My mother was one of them...but I learned from her mistakes.
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Re: Mediums
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
I found the definition of Mediumship and here it goes according Wikipedia (not very good source but many books about that appoint the similar difinition ):
"Mediumship is defined as the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings."

You need to be very psyhic to do that .Over all i agree with WhiteRav3n indeed mediums do not uselly only connect with dead people .Many of them started first communicating with spirit guides and not all spirit guides have been ever human .I had human spirit guides only when i was very young and i did not go well with them so now i have animal guides .And indeed many of them can step into someones shoes even if that person is alive not only dead .Also many of them are healers and reiki practicioners .It is very rare that some of the mediums actually develop only in mediumship and in nothing else of the other spheres ,because being natural medium you are very very curious and your taste for knowledge and understanding is a lot .
And i think seeing and hearing spiritual beings only naturally leads you to mediusmhip ,or it just happen that human spirits come to pass messages too not only your spirit guides .
Also as i said some mediums only hear and channel the spirits if they do not have clairvoyance they may not see spirit they may only feel them (through empathy ) or hear them (through clairaudience ).Also last two are considered from many also as forms of channeling (receiving and trasmitting information from another level ).Alive people also have spirit that is contained in physical body that you can connect with as much the person is awakened and spiritual as much easy that is .Mediums actually create links between things uselly that are the dead ,but they can link to most things depend of the level of their skills and experience .

Also i agree channeling energies and mediumship are very related things but they are two separate things that often intermingle together and may look as one .For example when you have too many abilities you start to confuse them because they all mix together at same time broadening your horizont to explore and understand .Indeed mediumship is not for everyone it can be very very hard on you ,especially if your spirit guides are not there to protect you or people from your circle so to speak .It is also hard to say who is saying what and what is coming from your own subconscious and what from the spirit (does not mater if it is alive person ,dead or spirit guide ).As i say it is a monkey bissness literally .

WhiteRav3n, please do not take all i wrote as arguing or opposition i am just expressing my opinion and also i can reassure you i pretty much agree with the rest of your statement .I do have deep respect toward your work and your writing ,that should be clear .
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Re: Mediums
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Art,I enjoyed to be in the forum today.very interesting post. Can't wait for more info about Baba Vanga
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Re: Mediums
Post # 10
Thanks all of you.
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