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Name: JessicaD
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Am trying to learn as a much as I can, and learn new things about things I have always held a belief in.
Ever since I was a kid I have felt a very special connection, somehow understanding energies, and many times just knowing things. I have had many happenings with spirits, though years ago blocked them out completely not knowing how else to protect myself from negative ones. Being able to at the time hear and see them, until I blocked them.
Though I can still sense them, and generally know if they are of good intention.
Sometimes I wake from sleep just knowing something from a dream and it will happen during the day, as well as being emphatic and learning to better understand it.
I am able to sense energies, have psychic gifts that I am working on, I work with tarot, runes and scrying. Enjoy working on my gifts and spending time on learning. :)
I am hoping through this page to be able to learn from to others who are liked minded and open minded.