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Love spells

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Love spells

Love spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
are love spells always bad or can some be good, and if a friend needs help with a spell am i able to cast it for her?
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Re: Love spells
Post # 2
Love spells are not always bad, and it depends on the nature of the spell.

Forcibly making a specific person love you (or whoever) without their knowledge or consent is generally considered wrong. This is because it violates their free will and there's a good chance that they won't actually be happy in this relationship.

A love spell that takes an already-existing relationship and strengthens it is generally acceptable if everyone involved wants the relationship to succeed (as opposed to one of the members hoping the relationship will dissolve so he or she can leave).

Spells which draw love to you without specifying who it must be are perfectly acceptable. These do not violate free will as they simply ask the universe (or God, or whomever or whatever you prefer) to find a good choice for you and gently nudge them toward you so that you can date and see if things will work out.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 3
an alternative. just a basic love potion. It's a great smelling cologne or perfume. Once the person your trying to attract makes eye contact give a smile and say hi, nothing more. simple, yet affective.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 4
In April and May, for example, it is best to hold spells related to love magic.
But I must warn you. Love magic is very dangerous. It can destroy a person.

It may not be dangerous only in one case. This is when a woman or man does not have a specific object of love, and magical action is not directed at anyone in particular. Then the magic will help a woman or a man to gain the attention of the opposite sex. It is very important for shy people or people unsure of themselves. This ceremony is a cleansing and energetic programming appeal and relate to white magic, without incurring danger.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 5
Just for clarification, it will attract whatever gender you're interested in, and it will only attract those interested in your gender.

It totally works for homosexuals and gender-queer individuals, too.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 6

There are two types of love spells (keeping this general) one is a "true" love spell where the person attracts to him or herself unconditional love, the sort of love that is healing and lasting. This love, or energy, can be used to attract a good partner to you.

The other sort of love spells are only called so because of their use. they are used in relationships that are not going as well as one would like and they would like to turn things around. In a desperate attempt to keep the person from leaving them some people turn to these "love" spells. Now is this wrong? That is a question to which you will get a different answer to when you ask different people. Many will want to look at the situation.

These love spells can in fact be useful, in my opinion, but are by no means useful in actually keeping anyone and living happily ever after. What they do is "cage" in a person just long enough so that you can change whatever is wrong or heal the relationship after that the magick wears off and by then you should have healed whatever needed your attention so that you can share a healthy and happy relationship. If you were the person at fault then it would be wise to change whatever it is that caused the break up in the first place otherwise the magick will wear off and you will end up back where you started. If you re-do the magick then you will only soffocate the person, the person MIGHT still stay with you but it will be an unhealthy and possibly abusive relationship.

So depending on the situation BEFORE the break up, the situation during the break up a witch (or whoever you choose to help you in this) will surely determine if it is wise to use a love spell and what sort of love spell should also be used. There are some that are technically not love spells but work with relationships just to provide a window opportunity so that the other person will hear you out and want to give it another try and then there are magicks that can keep the person from leaving you so that you can have the time to work things out (no guarantees can be made when using magick).

Karma is a universal teacher that helps keep things in balance including your own life. Say you spent a great deal of your life getting everything handed to you as a child and you grow up to be the same way, well karma might want to repair this little flaw in you by teaching you to get things on your own. Karma's lessons can be soft or really harsh and theres no telling how the lesson will show up. That lesson can come by gently by maybe finding someone who says something to you and opens your eyes so that you can be independent or it can be harsh and put you in a situation where no one will help you and you are left to do things for yourself.

Karma doesn't apply to just magick but every single action we do. Karma actually means "action". So using magick to forcefully keeping a person there is equal to kidnapping a person, tying them up and not letting them go. This is an abusive and controlling action so a lesson could be learning to respect and to know that some things are out of your control and you can't have it your way. This lesson, for example, could possibly come in a way where you are in a situation where you have no control and must learn to accept that.

Now the first kind of love spell mentioned could in fact clear things up for a person so that they can choose for themseleves. Usually involves a sort of cleansing so that the person can see the love and not all the problems in between.

These spells may be used in matters of love but even when the person does not have any such feelings towards you they can still work as I have seen them. It is very much like when we use magick to become more attractive to others. They may be complete strangers yet they are subject to the energies we send out at every moment.

I hope I have answered your question and as you well know, you may contact me for further elaboration on any of the above mentioned or for more questions

Love spells are not always bad, as i said, it depends on the situation and on the motives of the person...

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Re: Love spells
Post # 7
FaithLake, that was pretty awesome.

I've explained this elsewhere, and FaithLake touched upon it when she mentioned "caging" a person.

I cannot stress this enough;

Love alone is not enough to make a relationship work!!
Everyone got that?

Sappy love movies and Disney films love to feed us this idea that love will conquer all and everything will be just fine so long as you two love each other. Like a lot of lessons in Disney films, it's dangerously stupid. You don't just love in a relationship, you share interests, you communicate, you generally live together.

What if you and your magically-kept lover hate one another's hobbies and can't share them? What if you two have some sort of communication barrier? What if they hate your sense of humor? What if they snore so loud it keeps you up? What if they're allergic to your favorite animal? What if they're controlling and need to lord over the relationship?

I have actually been in a relationship where he and I were deeply in love, but didn't have enough things we could share. We both ended up miserable, the relationship was doomed, we're better off now that we've split. Despite copious amounts of love and care, there just wasn't enough of the other stuff to make a life-long romance feasible.

The cage element comes in because a lot of people are in similar situations, but can't bring themselves to break up because they are too in love! Think about that. They are so in love that they are trapped in something making them sad, something unhealthy, and occasionally something that is actually abusive.

Love magick cast on a specific person can make them feel love, but it cannot force you two to be a good match; and it can force a relationship, but it cannot force any sort of quality upon it.
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Re: Love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 8
a love spell cast on another to fall in love with you, yes. you are imposing your will on another. personally, i don't see why someone would want that, because you'll have to ask yourself one day, does the person love you for you, or is it all the result of the spell.

if however you cast a spell to find new love, or find someone with qualities you find desirable, then it's fine. those spells are basically asking the universe to help you find prince/princess charming. it's not so much saying 'i find [person] so hot, make him love me.' as it is saying 'i find [qualities/looks] attractive in my true love, help me find someone with these things.' with the second type of spell, you're not casting on the person to love you, but to walk into your life.
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Re: Love spells
Post # 9
Love spells aren't bad, the motives in using may be.
As Alice Audrin state in her book The Love magic System, we all desire ad long for someone's caress. Let's just make our motives clean in using spells so that we could not hurt anybody.
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Re: Love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Not every path acknowledges the existence of Karma and there is an alternative opinion that doing love magick is no different to attracting a partner by wearing perfume or designer clothes. There is a school of thought that love magick just gives you an advantage and increases your chances of obtaining what you desire without necessarily effecting anyone's free will. This is a subjective topic which is not as cut and dry as many would have you think!
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