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Name: ESK
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I didn't find magic it found me ...and then it followed me! Perhaps that's too simple let me begin at the beginning. As a child perhaps around the age of 5 I realised that my body was just window dressing, it's purpose was simply to provide a container for my spirit/ energy. Then as I grew up I learned to control my energy and to access the energy of the universe to my advantage. Our reality is shaped by our beliefs,as children we believe all is possible thus when I was relaxed in bed at night sometimes my energy/ spirit would shift and I would become aware that reality and time were not the fixed rigid structures that we imagine. All is possible the spirit can transcend the physical plane.
Then I grew up and abandoned magic but I could still feel it dormant within me. Recently when I started going through a particularly difficult time I started to feel drawn back to magic. No let me be clear, magic gave me no choice. It started innocently enough with a broken (very expensive!) cooker, after that two laptops died, my Dyson Hoover, my watch,two printers and a coffee machine. Hell I've got a wicked sense of humor but after most of my electrical appliances committed suicide I relented and returned to magic. Now my energy levels are under control there's hope for any electrical appliances that have the misfortune to encounter me.
I don't label myself as belonging to any particular branch of magic. I've explored many areas alone and have a particular fondness for candle magic (energy again!). Sometime I like to deviate and explore areas of magic that could be considered a bit left hand path.