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This is how I AP

Forums ► Astral Projection ► This is how I AP

This is how I AP
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hey, I've had a couple of people message me asking for how I AP so I thought I would share my advice here. It's always good to see how other people do it :)

Firstly, I really want to recommend a book that helped me so much when I first started, it's called 'Astral Dynamics' by robert bruce. It's awesome :)

OK, so my advice on how I do it:

What you have do to, is lay down flat on your back, it's best to do it in bed, no covers on top (at first, until you are used to doing it) but make sure
you're not cold. Take a really good look at your ceiling, study every little detail for a few minutes, the colour, the texture - your going to need this image later on.

Keep your eyes closed from now on and your arms and legs straight down.

A lot of people say not to do it at your usual bed
time....but for me, I find it easier to because my body is already part way relaxed and ready to sleep!
*the key it to keep concious while your body falls asleep*

so anyway, lay like that for a while and just relax, if your not quite sleepy enough, have a day dream about your day or something nice until you feel zoned out enough.

When you start to feel like you're relaxed, clear you mind as much as you can, it helps to focus on your breathing which should be slow and heavy, don't let yourself think of anything other than breathing.
do that for as long as it takes to feel totally relaxed.
By this point, you should be really sleepy, but try not to fall asleep!!

You can now start the process of coming out of your body. Dont get frustrated by how long it can take. I can
sometimes be out within minutes, other times it takes hours.

Imagine yourself floating up towards your ceiling, really picture it, find the image you stored in your memory a litle while ago. Visualise yourself slowly floating up, seeing the ceiling getting a tiny bit closer to your face every minute. Imagine how light you feel! floaty and made of energy. Just 'pretend' for a while, pretend your all ghosty and as light as air as you very slowly float upwards.

Make that how process last for as long as it takes for you to feel fuzzy sensations in your body. This could take a long time or a short time, just *dont give up!!*
Everyone experiences something different at this point, the main ones I feel are buzzy feelings, vibrations or slow turning that gradually get into a spinning sensation.

If you carry on visualising yourself getting closer to the ceiling you will soon feel those tingling sensations in your body strengthen and become really noticeable.

then you will either feel like you are shooting upwards (or downwards, either is fine) very fast. You may hear clicking and popping noises and maybe even see colours around you.
Sometimes I can hear negative noises, like scary cats screeching or malicious laughing - you have to do what you can to *Stay calm* because once you start to get too excited or scared, you will find yourself back to square one.

When you are having the 'zooming' sensation and the tingling sensation, I dont usually have to do anything else - you're being taken up and out of your body and soon you will awake in the astral world!!

When I'm in the zooming part, I repeat a protection chant - this particular one is something I learnt on an online AP course that used to be free many years ago and it has always been successful when I have used it. You should learn this - or another of your choosing - off by heart so that you can repeat if from memory when you're in the astral to repel negative being or energies. If you google 'Bellilin Chant' you should be able to find some sound clips on youtube so that you can hear how it should be said.

Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin!
Amphora of Salvation
I would like to be next to you
Materialism has no strength next to me!
Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin!

And that's it!! Hopefully that will have gotten you out....

A few extra tips:

Number 1: If you ever want to return to your body, for whatever reason, whether you've encountered a negative being or your scared or you've had enough... just repeat "I am back in my body, I am back in my body, I am back in my body" over and over until you are. This is sort of an emergency landing and it's not too pleasant because everything happens very fast, and most often than not you will experience sleep paralysis at the other end (where you are aware that your back in your body, but you cant move your body or open your eyes or speak) It'll only last a few moments though so just *stay calm*.

Number 2: Sometimes, when I am in the getting out part of astral projection, the bit there you are imagining yourself floating towards the ceiling (now this is an odd bit that is totally optional, not everybody does it - but helps me) I physically move my eyes to they are crossed *never open your physical eyes though* just go cross eyed, as if you were looking towards your 3rd eye. I find it helps! It may sound stupid but it truely does help me - I also have a friend who has tried this too and finds it works for him

- Practise now, just to see how it feels - close your eyes right now and cross your eyes gently, bringing them up to look at your third eye in the middle of your forehead, do that for a moment and see what it feels like, for me its like I can automatically feel my astral body, so its easier for me to separate it from my physical body.

Number 3: **ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE** when you are out in the astral! always always. You have to remember that what ever you think will happen out there. That's how you move from place to place, you have to think "I am now outside the house" and you will be so if you think "what if a scary monster appears!? omg im scared!" then most of the time......one will!! so if ever your worried or scared, repeat your protective chant and imagine yourself surrounded by positive white light.

Number 4: Opening your astral eyes once your out there isn't always automatic or easy. it's something you have to get used to. You basically just have to think them open. Like with everything out there, it's done on thought not physical action.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! But ask me on the forum rather than private message unless your embarrassed about something because then everybody else can read it too :)
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 2
WOW....its a HUGE feed back for me,i read some AP forum and other stuff,but this is that one that told me that last time i was almost AP-ing, i had that buzzy-spinning-zooning etc. feeling,it was quite scary,wich was surprising,sice i'm not srced of too many things,in fact,once i got there i also want to so some ...."monsterts" :D.About the crossed exething.I did it instictly,the way you described AP,i gues was almost perfect,but i'll share my experinces once i'll succed :D,so,please allwish me luck ^^
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Re: This is how I AP
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Looks like you just need to keep practising then :) you sound like you've almost got it! Don't give up & let us know how you get on!
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 4
I tried agian last night before go to sleep,i had that strage feeling agian two times now,but still nothing,but i'll keep working on it.

I tried to mentioon the last time,about the sleep paralízation,i had that too,in fact,there were times when i had them ALOT,i thouth it was a demon or other negativ stuff,but now it all makes sense.

Also,i can hear a ringing noise when its all quite and im calm,someone told be it might be the blood i can hear i my ears :$, im not expert so i ask everyone what could it be?
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 5
wow this was helpful
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 6
Thank you for making this thread OverTheMoon, I found it very helpful and cannot wait to try it out^^
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 7
I agree this is VERY helpful
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Re: This is how I AP
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Do you know, you're aweeesome?!!! Thank you thank you thank you for this post x) sending love.
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 9
I guess none of you made it,since there are no "i made it" comments :D.I experinced it and also been told bya chi kung teacher that this thing requires some energy,i too feel kind of tired since i tried it,and could not made my self to try it agian,so head my warning,meditate before and after you try it.....you'll need it,especially if you are beginers or low on these kind of energy.
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Re: This is how I AP
Post # 10
Wow, this was really helpful. Thank you! :)
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