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Ghost or Demon causing...

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Ghost or Demon causing...
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Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 1
My sister called me and ask what would be haunting her family. She thought I did something, but I did not. Ghost or demon or some other kind of spirit? that is causing minor flesh cuts or wounds. My niece woke up with wounds that look like from a nail or I was thinking ice pick. My sister said it takes turns torrmenting each family member. She been talking about adding on or fixing up the house to would better. The more she talked about it, the more she notice problems start happening. My sister said she went to take a shower and had fresh cuts on the top of her feet. There is a metal square on the floor or the wall, I forget which one (think floor). Same room that my niece sleeps in. For the metal square my sister thinks there is money behind it or bones or a spiritual portal of some type that will open and will not be able to close. They have heard man's voice every now and then. She said the dogs will stare at the ceilling like something is there. My niece tells my sister that she needs a light on to sleep or if the light is off, get torrmented really bad. My sister talked about having a christmas tree with nothing that they put on the tree, it was just a plain tree. In the picture of the tree had 8 ornments in a perfect circle. All the pictures of the tree with different angles had those ornments in the same place. My sister feels it been following them every time she moves. Live chat suggested calling a priest, that to me will only make this spirit even more mad. Any protection or ward spells for her to cast? Would salt on the floor of the doorways or around the bed to prevent the abuse? Will any shows or series on the dish will cause this problem like True Blood.

Little about my sister, she lives nice area north-west LA area. Her Ex not legally seperated but he does not live with them for a few years. He had bad issues and my sister childern has mental issues. If anyone would help her or can get advice. She is afraid to talk in the house about the problem.
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 2
Maybe ur sister provoke some spirits? So they come for revenge or the place she is living at was one a cemetery ?
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 3
Its probably no demon, but a really angry spirit. Either one that lived in the same house and either died there and feels disturbed, or provoked by use of certain occult activities( ouija board, seance, for example). I had thge same happen to me in another house I lived in(scratches at night), but when I think back, I know I wasnt respectful to the spirits living there and they reacted. After meditating and such I actually found out my behaviour made them mad, and then they stopped the scratching. After that I actually made friends with one of the ghosts there, and Im glad I didnt call a priest to come there,.

Refrain from any banishment or exorcism, but if you or your sister finds out what made them so angry in the first place,you may find a solution.

Good luck!
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 4
Learn about the persons who lived in the house before your sister,learn about her ex and about the mental-ill child.Especially WHEN the illness began.This might be a demon.You might want to know why your sister's ex left her.If adultery,the demon is attracted by the sin.
Don't call priest,most of them are frauds.It is better if you do the banishment yourself.Remember to cast protective circles around you before you start the exorcism.
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 5
I forgot to say,If the mental illness began around the period when her ex was cheating on her or her cheating on her ex(If adultery),it is definetly a demon attracted by sin.
Usually spirits aren't as violent,especially against a separated mother and her children.
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 6
My sister said it all started before she had her two children. Her husband said he saw 3 balls of light in the master bedroom. He called them 3 angels. My sister said my nephew almost died at child birth but thought these 3 spirits protected him. Her husband did very abused things to her and the kids before she left him. I will not be suprise if he was cheating on her. My sister does not know if the same spirit or a different one. Some of the people that she work with been noticing spirits in the work place. When they put salt on the window (they thought some one was watching them on the other side), the next day when they start working. The salt floated up to top of the window (office building window) and stuck to the window. Not my sister but her friends a few hours to clean salt off the window.

The house she lives in is 70's but surround by multi million houses, that is why she want to fix it up. Wondering could it be a place of power? It is on top of a granite face, almost top of the hill. My sister works in restate, if she does find something bad happen there. How will she try to fix the problem. She is afraid if she movesd out of this place what ever spirit(s) is plaguing her will follow her. My sister wants to leave it alone but at the same time want it to stop abusing them.
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 7
Ok.Once again,don't call for exorcists.The Annelise Michel case on 1975 was disastrous and people may die in the process.
Demons are attracted by violence.(They're pretty much like humans.You don't feel well with people that aren't your type and you are generally good in your family or with your close friends.I am not sure,but I think demons feel the same.These demons of violence fed on your brother-in-law's violence and now they trend to cause violence in the house too feel well(again I'm not sure.It is a logic conclusion only).
According to Wikipedia and the Catholic Church,these are the signs of Demonic Possesion(In case they appear in your sister's children):
Lack of appetite.
Cutting, scratching, and biting of skin.
A cold feeling in the room.
Unnatural bodily postures.
A change in the person’s voice.
Supernatural strength not subject to that person’s gender or age.
The possessed speaks in another language which they had never learned before.
Violent rejection toward all religious objects or items
Curiosity:Do your sister's children show any of these?

This spell was in the top of the banishing spells list.5 stars rated.I never tried but I think it may work.
However its key it is the demon's name.Always you have to know his name.
If the children show some unnatural fear towards religious objects(christian,islamic,hindu,pagan makes no matter) put a religious symbol in front of them and force them to watch it.In your profile you say you have an affinity to lightining.Mayhaps a Hammer of Thor pendant if u're Norse Pagan?Or a Cross or a symbol of whatever religion you belong.Important is not to balk.Or prepare a holy water(in this site there are guides how to make holy water) and force the children to drink it or make them a bath in holy water.Ask their NAME.Belief is one of the ways to invoke spiritual powers(remember Mother Therese that cured the ill with her bare hands).Once the demon says the name,perform the ritual using his name in the empty places.
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
Post # 8
I searched "Holy Water" and choose only the best.I haven't tried them as I don't really need them but you can give a try.
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Re: Ghost or Demon causing...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
When a spirit claims a house theirs, whether it is because the were buried nearby, died nearby, or lived nearby, they get very comfortable. They don't like change. They will be entirely unnoticeable to most people until something they don't like is in motion.

This is one of those times that I actually do suggest communicating with the spirit (because they are an individual with feelings and thoughts just like you). See what type of agreement can be made.
Exorcisms and banishments are extremely difficult and in my opinion extremely rude and inappropriate in such a case. This spirit was there first, and like anyone would, he/she is upset over things being changed around. If anything in or around the house was theirs, they have all right. Just because we die, doesn't mean our possessions are no longer linked to us. That's why he/she is so strong. He/she has a physical link in the area.

I'm sure if they say outloud "I'm sorry, we won't remodel! Please stop" this will all end. But if they're determined to remodel, they should make an effort to talk it over with the longest dwelling member of the house (this spirit).
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