Basic Chakras: Part 7.

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Basic Chakras: Part 7.
Post # 1
The last of the main chakras, the seventh, or "Crown Chakra". The sixth chakra I covered in my post "Thoughts on Third Eye".

This chakra is of our true life purpose, - why we are here. It is about the meaning of our lives, from a higher perspective. By opening up our crown chakras, we can gain guidance from the divine, rather than from our egos. We learn how we experince our truth of deity. Our view of our paths from the 'bigger picture', and understand our cosmic purpose. Here, we surrender our ego to the divine, god, deity, our higer selves. We trust in our higher selves, and feel spiritually alive. Surrender is about Becoming ourselves, not losing ourselves!

Crown chakra meditations revolve around speaking with deities, guides, ancestors, the creative force. They connect us to the divine, to our origin and to our life goal. We can feel that our crown chakra is open by feeling a small tugging on the top of our heads, as if someone were pulling a string. Headaches can be crown chakra, as well a third eye, activity. This chakra's balance is affected by the development of the previous six chakras. The 'halo' is the artists' depiction of an opened seventh chakra.

As this chakra is about connection with the divine, such meditations can be used to ask questions of whatever you experience as divine. You are opening a channel of communication. (This is how channeling occurs). Answers may flow freely and immeditely, or they may come randomly in a moment of sudden clarity. You will gain insight into the nature of your life and it's purpose, and be able to relax into a feeling of security and trust. Usually these experiences come episodically, but increase in duration and frequency over time. Your relationsip with your higher self, (which is an aspect of yourelf), and with the divine, is one you can always work with to strengthen and allow to flow freely.

Being overly ego driven is a sign that our crown is not functioning properly. Headaches, anxiety, and cognitive problems may occur.

During Brow Chakra meditations, visualise an aura of light and/or gold around your head, together with your personal symbol of deity, be that a pentagram, a cross or an ankh. 'Breathe' violet, gold, and white into it. Visualise a river of white shooting out of your crown and connecting with...your choice. Your experience.

Gems to use with the crown include white jade, diamond, and
snowy quartz. Cinnamon, clove and peppermint are suitable fragrances. Chanting "ohm" on the note B is also beneficial. (Dd you know that our planet vibrates on the note C as it spins?)

So ends the study of the seven main chakras. There are other chakras, so we can attend to them when we are all suitably aligned! There are many methods. Chakras need constant maintainance, - we are usually in a state of imbalance, so don't stress, none of us are perfect! :D

I must thank Ruth White for her eloquent teachings! I strongly reccomend her books "Working with your Chakras", and "Working with Guides and Angels".
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Re: Basic Chakras: Part 7.
Post # 2

Very infomative post Zeb :D

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