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How 2 Enhance Your senses

Forums ► General Info ► How 2 Enhance Your senses
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How 2 Enhance Your senses
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
To enable you to become more familiar with the range of your sensory process, and to strengthen your sense of location.

You must reach the boundaries of your physical senses before you can break through beyond them, Or to awaken the much higher senses of perception.

Exercise to Enhance your Senses

This exercise should be carried out in a dimly lit room (Not completely dark0 at a time when there is no possibility of you being disturbed. The room should be warm and well-ventilated9most psychic exercises and experiments involved you remaining motionless in a darkened room for fairly long periods, therefore it is important to ensure that the room is comfortably warm, but not roasting. Remember, physical immobility causes the body’s temperature to drop.)

Sit upright in hard-backed chair with feet together on he floor and your hands folded loosely in front of you. Close your eyes and simply sit there for a few minute, allowing your thoughts to wander as they will.

Open your eyes again and become aware of the details of your surroundings. Carefully study everything in your range of vision but do not shift your position. Study the floor, the walls, and the various objects in the room. Make a mental note of as many details as you can. Next, expand your attention to become aware of your general location. “See” the rest of the building in your minds eye; the street outside, the whole are,… send you’re your mind in an aerial reconnaissance of the city or the countryside around you. Get a strong sense of your “Exact” location.

Then mentally return to the room and once again probe the room with your senses. Don’t just see it: smell, taste I, hear and fell it, everything around you. Try to extend your senses. “Fell” the walls of the chair. “Taste” the air in your room. Strain your ears for the slightest creak of furniture, the tiniest whisper from the bookcase.
Become conscious of the force of gravity holding you in your chair. Feel the pressure of the air on your skin. Listen for the beat of you heart, “Do not make any attempt to analyze these sensations; simply note them as what they are!

After ten or fifteen minutes, close your eyes again and go through the mental reconnaissance process once more, this time keeping your eyes closed. “see” the room, The furniture and so on, in your mind. Visualize your surroundings as clearly and in as much detail s you can. (most people find it very difficult to visualize anything clearly, so do not worry if you have trouble holding the image in your mind at first. Visualization ability improves with constant practice.)

After five or ten minutes of this, take a few deep breath and open your eyes and end the exercise.

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Re: How 2 Enhance Your senses
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I post this for those who are beginning to learn magics.. This is a perfect thing to start your journey.. It will help allot..
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Re: How 2 Enhance Your senses
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to General Info from Welcome.
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Re: How 2 Enhance Your senses
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
?My Personally Made Meditation Exercises?

Exercise #1 (Element of water)
This should be done near a body of water (beach is a perfect place). Sit near the shore facing the sea, sit in meditative way. Close your eyes and start to breathe slowly. Breathe the way you are taught in the basic meditation. Feel yourself being relaxed, feel the air around you. Smell, hear, and taste it. Then Visualize yourself standing (stand only on your minds eye, do not stand physically). Slowly walk towards the shore, feel the sand in your every step. Continue walking until you had reached the water. Feel the water. Is it cold? Is it warm? Stop walking when the water had reached your knee level. Still in your minds eye, see your whole body slowly changes and become part of the sea. See your self become water and explore the sea. Feel how is it like to be water. After five or ten minute of exploring the sea in your minds eye go back to the shallow water and build your body again. See yourself coming back to your original form, and after that, walk back to where you are sitting and sit back facing the sea. Then slowly open your eyes and feel your body. You can do some stretching if you want.

By: Aqeil

Exercise #2 (Element of fire)
Light a candle or sit at the front of a bonfire to start this meditation. Sit comfortably in front of the fire element (and just like the normal meditation, relax and feel your body becoming lighter). Fell the energies around you specially the fires energy. If you are fully energized, visualize yourself glowing with yellow-orange light and make it burst like a flame around you. Then see your body burn and become the flame. Be a flame, float like a flame. Feel its lightness, feel its power, continue burning like a flame in your minds eye. After several minutes extinguish the fire in your body and feel yourself cooling down. Slowly open you eyes and feel energized. Then you extinguish the candle or if it is a bonfire just lat it burn.

By: Aqeil
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