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hatred help

Forums ► General Info ► hatred help
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hatred help
Post # 1
Hi there Im new on here and wonder if anyone could help me with a problem, my best friend and I have fallen out but he wont talk to me about it and wont tell me what Ive done, I have an idea its because I told him that his new relationship is unlikely to work out, but I cannot be certain.

every attempt I make to contact him just ends with him giving me a lot of abuse. I dont know whether I can save this friendship but when I see him I feel hatred but when Im not looking I catch him looking at me and looking sad and when I look and he sees me looking he looks away again.

Ive been praying for him everyday and lighting a candle and wishing him well, but as Ive never had anyone dislike me like this and certainly not someone I care about so much I wonder if there is anything else I can do?

He has a lot of other problems and only a week ago he said he loved me more than anyone and cant live without me, but now he wont even talk to me and its breaking my heart.

So if anyone has an anti angry hate spell, or even we can talk and be nice spell that may help me and make my life better for christmas Id b eternally grateful

thank you and best wishes

Glittery x

ps Im sorry if i picked the wrong forum to post in

Re: hatred help
Post # 2
Sounds tough...

Unfortunately, I've never been in a situation like that... Perhaps you could see a counselor? I think that might help....

Otherwise, your next best option would be to cut out all connections with that person..

Re: hatred help
Post # 3
From your posts it sounds like your Catholic, ie praying and lighting a candle. From my experience Catholics are very used to life being drone and depressing but since you asked...there is something you can do and its not magickal.

Whatever you said...if it was honest and your friend cannot except it then its on him. Leave him behind in the dust to dwell in his own misery. Most likely he will come crawling back and want to be your friend again. At this point you have all the power...you can accept him back and he will most likely listen and take your advice to heart from now on...or you can kick him while he is down and that can be fun too.

To gain any sort of power requires sacrifice. You have to be willing to lose your friend in order to restore that broken friendship.

Re: hatred help
Post # 4
Thank you both for your replies! No Im not catholic I just love candles and find them useful for trying to focus.

Adon I very much like what you wrote about being willing to sacrifice the friendship, I think thats the best advice Ive been given and I will let it go and see what happens in the future.

Re: hatred help
Post # 5
No problem. Im glad i could help in some way.

Re: hatred help
By: / Adept
Post # 6
"From my experience Catholics are very used to life being drone and depressing"

Stereotype much? Dang...

Re: hatred help
Post # 7
If you notice i said no offense. I have nothing against Catholics. I was simply making a point.

Also..everyone sterotypes without even realizing it..look at my picture for instance. What is the first thing that comes to mind? I doubt its that i have a good job, im not on welfare, i have a family that loves me, and i treat my family and everyone else with respect. Am i right?

So...before complaining about a small sterotype that offends you think about how we all do it on a daily basis without realizing it. This was not a thread bashing catholics...it was about helping that girl with her problems. :)

Re: hatred help
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
''From my experience Catholics are very used to life being drone and depressing''

"Stereotype much? Dang..."

not necessarily a stereotype more or less an unspoken truth if you will

Re: hatred help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
I wish that stereotypes did not exist, however people also live up to them quite often.

I would stop lighting candles for your friend and trying to contact him. I think you need to let this run it's course. Sometimes the best lesson in magic is to remove magic from the situation. Your friend if he is a true friend will come back to you. If you are his friend you will let him feel free to decide this for himself. :)

Re: hatred help
Post # 10
Wow kts...your good. You said the same thing i did. That must take alot of skill.

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