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Truth Fulfilled
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I started writing this book about one year ago, I fully intended to finish it, but I lost the jumpdrive I had stored it on and only recently found and remembered it.

I would like to know what everyone here thinks of it, all criticism is welcome.

In this tome you shall find truth, or the absence of it, which one you find shall wholly depends upon you. The only way I can sum up this book is in the statement, “Truth exists in two phases, first absolute truth, which never changes. And second, Personal Truth, which is true to the self and cannot be proven false.”
These two truths can both be correct and still contradict each other, for if a man sees the entire world as black and white, then that would be considered a personal truth to him, but as we know it this world does contain colors, so that is personal truth. Yet what color things actually are could be vastly different than both of our perceptions, and that truth is what I have termed “Absolute Truth.”
This book does not attempt to answer the age old question of God and its existence or non-existence. That truth is personal and none can truthfully claim to know the absolute truth of it.

One to the left;
One to the right;
Both ways brothers part,
Light and dark tread separate paths,
Only finding each other again at the end;

Some will say that I am wrong, and they are entitled to do so, we all have the moral obligation to find and denounce untruth wherever we may find it. Truth and Untruth can look like twin sisters if you cannot discern them, though. The only way to discern truth from untruth is to ask questions, and then when you have your answer, pick apart that answer and discover not why it is right, but why it is wrong.
I have done this all my life, every time I found a truth I always sought to find a seed of untruth in it as well.

It is only when we have stopped being biased towards one answer or another that you can find what you really believe. And truly set yourself free. Not from doubt, because that is a fundamental,
necessary trait that keeps us from pulling the wool over our own eyes. And to be personally honest, many people do hide the truth from themselves, not out of fear, well some out of fear,
but the majority hides the truth because Untruth is more comfortable, and all humans like to be comfortable.

Oft’ times the Truth is not comfortable, Gandhi was not comfortable when he went on a hunger strike;
African Americans were not comfortable when they tried to march for their rights, and were sprayed down with fire hoses. Oft’ times Truth is not a comfortable thing to experience.
Truth is a fulfilling experience though, it fills you with a need for more, and to know more of this rare and long-sought after commodity called Truth.

I Hide my face while it passes by,
“Don’t pick me.”
I scream in my head.
I hear one shout of joy,
A “Eureka!” from a neighbor’s house,
“Don’t pick me!”
Silently I scream.
“Leave me in ignorance!”
I cry softly.
It fades away;
For today,
It is gone.
Truth has faded,
And those that accepted its gift,
Fell dead from the blows of the rest,
Left over,
Choosing Untruth.
Majorities Mighty Ignorance,
Finds Truth Questionable,
And Ignorance Preferable.

While I write these words I am at Lake Technical Center, I should be completing my weekly amount of work, instead I find this urge to write, and create too strong. My history is not important, it is contained in every tax refund, every job application. At least the surface of my life is there, but my life is a deep and wide river that even I cannot grasp. No doubt when I die, a few people will research me,
and, maybe even fewer might publish the supposed truth of my life, I forgive them in advance for publishing their personal truth as absolute. There is no such thing as Absolute Truth when it comes to the Human mind, Psyche, personality, or soul,

whatever words you use to describe the humanity in us. A person can never truly understand themselves, so what hope does someone else have? A close friend can predict what you might do under certain situations, but to truly know someone, you must know their subconscious self, and unfortunately none of us have access to that portion of our brain, save a select few that are offered glimpses of things unseen by others, these are the truly for they see as no one else does,

yet they are ridiculed, mocked, and persecuted. To say that people mature is Untruth, no one matures, they just adopt a persona they put on for people and themselves. This persona comes down when they are persecuting someone, like a small child might when they find someone or something different, only through Truth can we escape this cycle of hate and war. Only through knowledge can we progress.

I hate you,
You hate me,
Why all this hate,
Between you and me?
Difference divides us,
Separation from humanity,
Knowledge cannot find us,
Only when light hits us,
Only when others help,
Can we find Truth.

As you can tell thus far there have been no chapters to this book, and I plan on there being none at all, this record is not a self-help book, or a persuasive book meant to be read to sway you to my way of thought.
The purpose of this book is to be read, what you gain from reading it is your own.
I can influence it neither towards positive nor negative. Only you can change your perceptions, and since I refuse to tell you that your current perceptions are wrong and mine are right, all I can tell you is what is written here, and if it influences you, then that is enough for me to justify writing this book.

Ripples in a pond go splash on a riverbank.
Clouds in the sky move tantamount to dogs chasing the fox.
Leaves rustle in a chilled autumn wind.
Snow falls on the cold, hard earth.
Circles are Squares.
Squares are Rectangles.
Rectangles are Triangles.
Lines and squiggles with names.
All is one and one is none.
Knowledge gives humans purpose,
The Search for Knowledge begins in Definitions.

Love is a subject I will not touch on in this book outside of this paragraph. It is not something anyone should try and define. This state of mind can control us, if we let it; it is something that holds great power over us. To that end we should always be careful who we give our love to, because with our love we give an actual piece of ourselves to them. Once this piece is given, we can never get it back.
We can remember what that piece was like, but we cannot be the same person as we were before we gave the piece out. Let me rephrase and expound upon that. If you give out your love, and the person returns those feelings, and loves you too, you have not lost a piece of you. However, if they stop loving you,
that piece of you that they had is lost, and you change, you can never go back to being the same person you once were.

Love flowing from a rock,
Hiding in the desert sands,
Love, like The Phoenix reborn.
Waxing and waning,
Growing and shrinking,
If only all could feel,
Love, in its purest form,
Truth is Love,
Love is Hate.
Hate is absence of Knwledge,
Knowledge is Love,
To know is to Love Knowing,
Never stop the Love.

Our perception of events shapes our unconscious self. This molding of who we are is totally internal and usually hidden from our conscious self. When you are a toddler, you see the world as yours, the concept of other people thinking different is foreign. As you grow, you learn to look through others eyes, many do this to a minute degree, but to truly understand others Personal Truth you must be willing to accept the fact that your

Truth is shaped not just by your experiences but also by your perceptions. Another person’s Personal Truth is just as valid as your own. The only way to find the absolute truth is to cease using your Personal Truth and to view reality through another’s Personal Truth. This is what I call Becoming. To become another person is a high and lofty goal, one which you can never fully achieve. Yet, while mastery of this skill may be impossible for a normal human, it is still possible to achieve a level sufficient to understand those you might be in conflict with.

This Sight is your own,
Seeing is not always believing.
Never knowing others,
Only through your own Sight,
Expand the horizons of your mind,
Bring another’s conscious inside,
Live together to understand.
Gain the knowledge of Truth.
Let it set you free;
Become Truth

To know yourself should be the most important goal in your life, the quest to find yourself is the most religious journey you could ever have. Most people in this world leave this quest alone, few go to any extremes to find themselves, the major reason for this is that when one does go to an extreme to find out whom they truly are, the majority of our population mocks them and their quest. Not many people in this world are sound of mind and strong of will enough to undergo this sort of subtle persecution. I will assume that since you have reached this far into the book, that you are.

Searching endlessly and seeking elusively,
Sensing consciousness on the tip of my reality,
Seeking truth blindly through unknowledge spread by hypocrites.
Fearing the opinions of those we love,
Hiding our quest from those around us

To Be Continued……

©Copyright Jesse Shaffer

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Re: Truth Fulfilled
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Luzifer, I like that you are not doing chapters. I find books that have chapters (which is pretty much all books) a bit nerving for me as I'm always wondering how many more chapters till the end of the book. And I lose the enjoyment of reading it.

So far the content is quite interesting! Good luck with your book :)
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
Post # 3
no other comments/criticisms?

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Re: Truth Fulfilled
Post # 4
Nice one old man ;)
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
Post # 5
wow. this is the great.
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
I finally found time to read through this and I must say that you do try to wrap a truth around and untruth. There are many who will disagree with you on the point that one can not totally understand themselves.

I am one of them. The absolute truth is that you can learn to understand yourself and why you think and act the way that you do. The subconscious can and will give you the information you need to understand yourself if you are in tune with yourself enough to break through the barriers that many do use to keep themselves from it.

You are right in the idea that many do not want to find the truth within themselves. I call this an absolute truth for there will always be those who do this. This is an example of the absolute truth of balance. It is a personal truth though that you at this time can not see/know yourself. This will only become an absolute truth if you let it :) It will become a personal truth however in the opposite direction if you so choose to break through the barriers you have placed to reach your absolute self and understand yourself absolutely ;)

There are many absolute truths in the world and you can find them in many forms and places. Here is a list of some;

Life is suffering, through pain we grow.
Life has it's up and downs with out it we can never understand true happiness or sorrow.
Life is truly magical, for we will always find surprises both good and bad through out our lives.
Words can only describe our ideas, the truth in them lies with the information communicated.
Opinions will always exist, for with out them we whould all be the same. :)

Thank you Luzifer for sharing your thoughts and ideas, I always find them so interesting even when I do not agree with them ;)
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
Post # 7
Deep thoughts..
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
By: / Novice
Post # 8
It is beautiful. Let us hope the minds that open after reading this, stays so. It gives a feeling of the eternal ocean. Pushing foward and pulling back, only to see what you might have missed the first time. Opening the eyes and mind ever more fully and continuously so. Please update me when you have more to share. I await eagerly...;)
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I'm sorry that I wasn't here for this when you posted it. And at the same time absolutely thrilled to have read it now. Truth is a word thrown around frequently, and yet if you were to tell someone the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, ( so help you ____), they wouldn't be left with much to do but look at you like they're confused, because by the end of it your probably pretty gosh darn confused yourself.
I think that it's hard for people to get a grasp on the connection between truth and perception. That is if they ever even questioned the truths of perception in the first place.
Or the truth of truths. Or the perception of truth.
Or the perception of perception.
How can you know, except to question? To tear it apart until it sinks or swims on it's own.
I seldom read something these days, that makes me feel a little more enlightened, or that gives me the impression that there are more than 3 people in the world know what they're talking about.
And I tell ya'...right now I'm just ecstatic.
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Re: Truth Fulfilled
Post # 10
Very cool! Hope to see more, hell, hope to see it on a bookshelf! I like how you split truth up into personal and absolute. I've been thinking in terms of the quest itself, the quest for truth, and how the quest affects the outcome. I've split the quest into subjective and objective. But I've recently asked myself if the human mind CAN be totally objective. I think you've come to the same answer as I have.

As far as whether or not people can know themselves...what an example of a paradox, of two personal truths contradicting yet both being right! You say that one can not fully know themself. Another poster disagrees with you. I say you're both right. You can know yourself, if you're diligent and honest with yourself, if you work at it. You can not fully understand/know yourself, because there's always more to uncover. The more paradoxes one comprehends, the closer one's to absolute truth...
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