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Name: adina77
Location: somewhere in MA
Gender: Female
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About me:

Name: Aeval (I've given myself this name, and the meaning is similar to who I am) Amy (birth name) Amira Adina (Hebrew name)

Age: 34

Zodiac Sign: Virgo, Libra rising and Gemini moon.

Chinese Zodiac sign: Snake

Hour born in: Dragon

Lives: in MA somewhere

How long: Doing spells on and off for years. Stopped doing them in 2005 and just started back up so re-learning all over again. I've been drawn to spells, spirits, etc since I was young. It wasn't until college that I acknowledge what was happening and started to learn. I started to read books and talk to people about spells.

What do you use: incense, meditation, candles (when able to), stones, prayer.
I am the current Priestess of Practical Witches. If you are applying, I do suggest to read the coven's main page, and check out our threads. Please when applying do answer the questions from the page. Also do not forget to join coven. I have rejected a few due to not adhering to the rules we have set for our wonderful coven.
More info: I continue to learn something new every day and I am glad to be learning something new every day. In this realm I am not sure where I truly belong and I hope to find out where as I never was told what I am (even though an ex boyfriend of mine told me I was chosen to be a magus). I hope to find someone or a few to help me in learning & guide me in the right direction. I believe in fairies and believe I have one guiding me. I'm constantly growing and trying my best to learn whatever I can. I do not allow begging. I'm willing to help those that are in my coven. But other than that, I am a private person. I update my profile when it seems to fit.
I also enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons. Its a fun game that passes time.
Here are some ways not to get the mods mad if you are in chatter from a members perspective:

1) do not say swear words, its not allowed in chatter or profile 2) no caps. Its considered yelling so dont do it. 3) play nice with everyone. Mods dont want to break up fights. Take it to PMs I always say I am what I am and nothing more.