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Name: Perdurabo
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Do what the wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I have seen what you may not. From one end to the next I have set eyes. Their words can not scare or harm me (because they don't exist. Rather they give the illusion of existence, perhaps much the same as existence itself). Around our passive existence, lies that which stretches beyond what has been capable of being comprehended. Comprehension is a word that only holds bearing in our own minds. (Were there a word that meant the world, "lovingkindness", so often forgotten.) There was a beginning, possibly several, possibly millions. There was an end, possibly several, possibly millions. That which has begun, will end and start again. I have not come to judge, nor have I come to be judged. Unfortunately judgements have and will be made along the way. It wasn't so long ago... (I was you. Or am I still?) Behind every great man they say... Indeed she is my goddess. Tell me this idolatry shall bring damnation, I tell you, you should all be so lucky as to dream such a vision as she. I fear not damnation, nor hell. I have ate of these and lived to tell. I fear not the passing of time, nor do I fear passing with time (For time may only pass if allowed to do so by the illusory perception of the aforementioned existence). As we have come to be, as we have been; so we will be, so we will end. (decisions, decisions) We bring balance to the batting of an eyelash. It's our world. And you are only part of it if we allow you to be so. We allow you to be so, because our love is deep. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ I love you. You are, I know, the reason I live and breathe. Love is the law, love under will.