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Hi! Im new and need HELP

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Hi! Im new and need HELP
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Hi! Im new and need HELP
Post # 1
Hey everyone! My names Kylene and I'm extremely new to learning about myself and who I truly am. I really don't know how to do much of anything at this point.

But long story short, I have a sleep paralysis creature that's been following me for years. How do I get him to leave for good??? I'm so sick of him.

He used to attack me almost every single night when I lived at my dads place in the basement. A few years have passed since I've moved out. And I've had two cases of the sleep Paralysis within a week now. I can physically feel him next to me when I'm awake.

Please give me some advice
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Re: Hi! Im new and need HELP
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Hi! Im new and need HELP
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Start keeping a dream journal. Write stuff down every night. Begin to try to take control of yourself in your dreams.

Sleep paralysis is no joke. Its a documented fact and feeling an other presence is actually not uncommon. But it is not supernatural, its a part of the psychology of what youre experiencing.

Over time youll be able to take control of yourself and what happens in your dreams. That ought to help.

Good luck

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Re: Hi! Im new and need HELP
Post # 4
There are a few generic protection spells and practices you can also use if you feel that it will help you. You can burn a bit of sage or sweetgrass in your room before bed to help clear the air of negativity. You can also put up a dream-catcher at your window, or place a crystal on the sill programmed with positive energy and protection. A clear quartz would work well. Amethyst may help as well.

You could also put together a dream-bag. A small pouch with some soothing aromatic herbs, a couple of small crystals, and a sigil or talisman of protection that you would keep under your pillow. Off the top of my head a good recipe would be Lavender, a tiny bit of clove, a leaf or two of cedar, a piece of blue or black kyanite, and a small pentagram pendant. Tie it with red or gold colored thread, and if you want, include a feather from a predatory bird like a falcon or eagle. You can tie it to the outside with the thread you use to close the bag. Most of the stuff can be found at a local Metaphysical shop or gem store. Some flower-stores also have a small metaphysical section.

Also, before bed you might want to start doing a guided meditation that promotes a sense of safety, protection, and internal peace. For example, laying down and first counting breaths until you feel yourself starting to relax, then imagining a ray of sunlight shining down over you, and carrying away any sense of tension and anxiety. Then imagine that light filling you inside and out until it radiates from you as well, and fills the entire room with warmth, light, and protection that no malicious or negative being will be able to enter.
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Re: Hi! Im new and need HELP
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
You just surrender and observe the situation from the much more calmer stand point of view, which will allow you to control better your body's physiological reactions. I have found that achieving certain level of detachment tends to help, but I have never experienced sleep paralyses. I have experienced same or similar creatures, but I am not paralysed physically. In fact, in my case my body goes straight from REM sleep to flight and fight mode, where I would made enormous jump from my bed and wake up in the middle of the room standing. In other cases, during astral projection I have fallen down in my body and same, my body got this electrical sensation and literally was send upwards by involuntary nervous system signals. And again, I could afterwards sense them even awake, especially during the night and around points in space which were between spaces. Through trial and error, I discovered that them getting me to panic physically allows them to tighten their grip on my subtle bodies as well. Because while I am too busy to try to deal with the physical symptoms of flight and fight mode and trying to avoid a panic attack, they can easier leach out my energy. Of course, the trauma experienced also tends to make you even more fearful and anxious, before going to sleep. All of these can cause anxiety and stress and these are good precursors for the state to occur again. So you get trapped in a vicious cycle in which, you fear that it will happen and it happens just because of the fear and just because they know that you are fearful. I have also discovered that me keeping calm and channeling the light tends to keep them away.They do not like it. However, being able to do that requires you to be very calm and positive, even given the insanity and the severity of the situation. Achieving some control on those states is very hard because they require you to think out of the box and to act differently that you usually would in the physical world.

I would like to add as well, that even though these states are directly linked to the human brain existing in a certain physiological state, there is no logical reason to exclude the paranormal explanation. In fact, most paranormal phenomena are directly linked with a human exhibiting deviation of their normal physiological and brain states of functioning. It could as well mean that the human expressing the abnormality of the state of functioning allows them to experience a different reality through their senses, reality which is hidden if they follow the normal pattern of physiological and brain functioning. I have noticed that the spiritual beings can sense immediately, when I have switched to abnormal state of functioning. It is almost as if they are attuned to it naturally. The emotions you are experiencing usually determines (for the most part) what type of beings you will experience.

It is always better to treat the issue on all levels.
Avoid sleeping on your back and mediate before going to bed so that you do not become too anxious. Go to bed at same time and avoid eating later than 8 p.m (especially big meals). Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and drinking coffee, green and black tea (especially after 2 a.m). Create cosy sleeping environment. We sleep the best when it is dark, silent and neither too hot or too cold. A temperature between 15 to 20 C is the best. If you keep getting them few days per week for a longer time, you can ask your GP to refer you to sleep specialist, which specialises in sleep science. Sleep science is still a baby science, but it is advancing. My Fitbit Charge2 tracks my sleep states and their changes. It also will allow you to set a bed time reminder. Sleep disturbances in teen years are the norm. Most children experience changes in their brain cyrcadian cycle and that continues until they reach 20, in some cases even longer. For some people, the abnormalities continue, especially if they have been genetically predisposed. Sleep paralyses is often observed from one generation to another, so there has to be genetic element to it. In my case, I am 36 and I still experience serious deviations of the brain functional states. Not only that they are not reversing back to normal, but the deviations increase and new ones are occurring.

If it will make you feel less anxious, cast protective circle around your bed and use some of the suggestions Spirit made above.

If you need additional help, do not hesitate to send me mail on the website. I have been in similar situation for very long time and it is no fun, especially when nobody around you takes the severity of it as serious and legit.
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Re: Hi! Im new and need HELP
Post # 6
Dear Kylene,
I have an easy ways to help you . Before sleeping, or free times or relaxing, you chaint " Tao - Magic - Tao " again and again . This slogan will be installed in your unconsciousness and prevent your paralysis and possesses by any person.

Best wish with love .
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