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help stoping ebola

Forums ► General Info ► help stoping ebola

help stoping ebola
Post # 1
Hi to all. My name is david and i been doing some magick to try and stop the spead of ebola and decrease it. I live in America that has come in contact with it and nothing is really being done to stop it. Our airport and our borders is expose to it. Im doing the best magick methods i can do but i fear only so little is being done. Please send a message to the universe,gods,goddess ect and ask to erase this virus. anything that you can do with Your power and belief to help and speard the word to other magick users out there.
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Re: help stoping ebola
Post # 2
For you its good to go to docter first and stay hydrated
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Re: help stoping ebola
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I assume we all hope the best for people with Ebola but their is so much in what we can do magik is great at times but we only have so much power we have as humans . We can hope for the best and direct our energy but we that's about it the way I see it.
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Re: help stoping ebola
Post # 4
Honestly, that won't make a difference. This is just another example of fear mongering and population control.
Predators can smell their prey's fear. A virus is no different.

Let our will stand strong against this threat!
I know I've been sending positivE healing energy out every time that sickness crosses my mind.
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Re: help stoping ebola
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Yes, fear is the reason for fear! We must always try to see the whole picture, and see the perspective. For instance, the idea of Ebola in America. In the whole of Africa, since the outbreak of Ebola, a little over two thousand people have died of the disease.
In the USA over two thousand people die of gunshot wounds.Over five thousand die of road accidents. And those figures are for a day! Every day!
Thousands are dying in Syria, every day!
Of course, the people threatened by Ebola need help; and the more people can be made to fear it, the more money will pour into all the "charities". Yes, at least for now, the disease is incurable. But so is AIDS, and that kills more people than Ebola!
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Re: help stoping ebola
Post # 6
Bryson's is extremely accurate, as well as correct!

Many diseases like Aids, kill people. Heck, cancer kills people, accidents, colosion's, sometimes even someone doing there job can kill them!

If you fear, people as well as viruses will sense this. Here's an example ; Your walking down a street when you see two dogs loose.Now your scared out of your wits, because first you don't like dogs, and second there pitbulls(for example) They continue to approach when you then start to run, one runs and catches up, while the other slowly comes around.Your feared, but what would you do?
Would you a) run or b) Think calmly and don't show your fear?

Ebola is a virus that's not currible, it's in way currible but at the same time...there's no garauntee! If we fear it, were only let it Win!

Were all praying that it works out, but people are preparing, and there ganna do there best!
I prayed to my gods, asking for it to get better. They listen, but they aren't allowed to fix everything!People need to realize that our world is slowly falling to bits. Were having bombings, and wars in various nations like Islam, were having tons of viruses, and yet it keeps getting worse!

This is almost like a ''wakeup call'' and it's showing signs of what's ganna, and can happen if we follow the same path!

I give my wishes it will work out, i do hope it does. ~izzy
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Re: help stoping ebola
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
There's a reason disease and viruses exist, this may sound heartless, but they help keep the population in check. There are some cultures with creation stories where humans were immortal and the population swelled to a point where all resources were being used and unable to sustain themselves. In many of these stories the gods gave humanity the choice, others took it away, some sent out plagues to decrease the population. I think one was either me immortal or have children and we chose childbirth. For this reason I don't think spell casting and prayer will make the Lord and Lady, or whoever you pray to, listen. There's deadly diseases in the animal kingdom, do you also wish to remove them as well?

I do agree little is being done. Again, not to sound heartless, if we know the areas effected, why do we keep letting people in and out of the country? I know things like aid works and whatnot, but you could still contain it. When people return from these countries they are now quarantined for the time Ebola incubates, which i believe is 21 or 23 days, but it's not good enough. I heard a story about some reporters in the states who were quarantined, one snuck out because she wanted Chinese or something, and went to get take-out.

It might be bad business to sever ties with an infected area, but that's the best way to contain the virus. You don't leave them to die, you can air drop supplies, but if someone really wants to enter to help people, they stay until the threat is gone. Meanwhile, everywhere else, needs to pool their efforts to either cure, or reduce the virus. If you are worried you will catch it, research Ebola and try to protect you and your loved ones. Do not panic, some people might convince themselves they have it when they don't, or be terrified to leave their home. Currently the risk is low for many parts of the world, learn how to keep safe, and the odds are you will be fine.

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Re: help stoping ebola
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
You're more likely to die in the U.S. by falling over and hitting your head then you are by getting Ebola. Heck, you're more likely to marry your favorite celebrity than you are to contract Ebola.

That being said, Magic does not equate to a miracle, though perhaps your heart is in the right place.

For the record, consider the fact that Nigeria currently has no Ebola in its borders despite having been at the heart of the epidemic. They -never- closed their borders, but instead instituted more stringent screening of travelers. Basic medical care and precautions prevent the spread of the disease, and allow it to be treated before it claims life. It has only caused wide-spread death in those locations where proper treatments, preventative measures, and hygienic practice are not readily available. As Brysing said, letting the fear mongering get to you is the worst thing you could get out of all of this.
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Re: help stoping ebola
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
A recent report in the medical journal "Lancet" says that by January next year a vaccine will be available for Ebola. You see, things are going on, behind the scenes, to find a cure.
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Re: help stoping ebola
Post # 10
Good post's everyone, especially AwakeTooLong!

Awake to long described that there's a good chance we won't catch it. There's a threat yes, but it's for a reason. It's a warning sign. Also no one is cold less on the post! In a way, this virus will kill people, bit this actually can help keep the population's in control. China's overpopulated, so is India. A virus may wipe things out, but this is a manmade dicease I believe. So many decease's are manmade, there's cure's going on... but people thrive on pain. Say in the old time, rome conquered Greece. Did people die? Yes! Was it wrong? In a way? But did it thrive afterwards? Yes!!
For things to thrive and grow, and build. Problems need to happen, death needs to happen, and in the end it will revive and we will become stronger!

Overall good posts!
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