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Name: AwakeTooLong
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If you're going to write to me you should be capable of writing out three-letter words and complete sentences. Otherwise I will have no patience for you. I've many years of experience in practicing magic and a life time of metaphysical experiences, within myriad paths, both as a solitary practitioner and in the diverse company of others. Study within a variety of traditions has left me seeking only to simplify, and as such I am currently most fascinated in exploring high magic and reducing elaborate ritual to efforts of will and energy. I've come to these conclusions: All "magic" is achieved by directing the mind and will to the proper course. It is as much psychology as it is physics. All ritual, rhetoric, and dogma has the sole purpose of helping us discover this course, and reach the end. That being said, not all ritual, rhetoric, or dogma is useful. Therefore the methods that work for you are the correct methods. However, in the pursuit of simplifying one's methods and seeking the way to truly apply will to energy it is quite easy to both over-think your magic, and therefore doom it to analytical disbelief and failure, or to give in to delusion and believe in a power greater than is truly possessed, and results that are circumstantial at best. The middle path, as in all things, is the right path. But the very act of proclaiming one's path to be "right" sways it from the middle. For balance is conflict. It is basic physics. Protons, neutrons, electrons... And just as these basic building blocks as all things, balance rarely stays cohesive and stable for long. Stability is not natural. Flux and cyclical motion are, however. But absolutes are always lies. and therefore all rules attempting to govern reality are falsehoods, and so all magic is paradox and madness sets in. And that's about where I'm at. Stark raving mad. Disclaimer: Unless we are already friendly, please avoid messaging me with "Hey, how's it going?" "Hi" "What's up?" and other such things. Small talk bores me, especially with random strangers. Also, I rarely (if ever) take students. Don't ask me to be your mentor. Yes, that also means I won't teach you love spells and other such inane practice.