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Name: ashleymae
Birthday: Oct 21 1995
Location: St Clair Shores, Michigan
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 25 Nov 2011
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I am an American Whovian! *S*

I am the High Priestess in the online coven, Order of the Gods

Totally a goth, rocker chick

Am open to any form of chatting, unless it pisses me off

Most stubborn person anyone can meet

I have the ability to feel the presence of spirits and I often communicate with them.

My path is that of the Druid.

I had a bit of a dream where I was called Freya le Fay; I was called that by one who announced herself as Morgan le Fay, the goddess.

My connections lie with Myrddin, Bel, The White Lady, Morgan le Fay, the Dagda and Druantia.

My path just came out a year ago to my very fanatic Catholic family.

I still have more to learn and if you want to teach me, be my guest. I not only want to learn Druidism, but all forms. If you want to teach me, please do so!

I'm excellent at HTML

I am often found on the sites: (a site for writers) as Lauren Elizabeth Parker, Lady Jane Seymour, Morganna le Fay and Anne of Gloucester plus many others (I am under the same name)

Contact info:

Am strait

im single

Absolutely in love with David Tennant, the guy standing before the TARDIS in my picture

Am totally into rock music of any sort. Specifically:
My Darkest Days (the lead singer, Matt's brother is Brad Walst of 3days Grace)
Billy Talent
Richy Nix
Bullet For My Valentine
Papa Roach
Cage The Elephant
Breaking Benjamin
30 Seconds To Mars
Hail The Villain
Avenged Sevenfold
Escape The Fate
Panic! At The Disco
Hollywood Undead
Asking Alexandria
Marilyn Manson

Am descended from Kings of England, Scotland and France. I also have a famous Templar ancestor......

I've just finished the first novel in my series

Have any questions, ask! *S*