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June 6th 2010
I have logged into this site TWICE and I have managed to anger TWO moderators and an eleven year old girl.
I am a nineteen year old male, college sophomore majoring in botany. I have been practicing various aspects of the craft on and off from the time I was twelve to the time I was fourteen, then became completely devoted around the time I turned sixteen. I identify the most with the earth element and my patron deity is The Green Man. Words cannot describe how much I love the botanical realm. I don't claim to have a great amount of power (if any), I'm just a young witch making his way through both the physical and spiritual worlds as best he can, searching for truth and knowledge that I can put to use to better the world. I have lofty goals set for my future, and despite mountains of opposition, I will not give up. I value truth more than comfort.
By talking to me, you may eventually find out about my obsession with plants. Or you could have just read it earlier in my little bio thing.
I can talk about plants all day, especially the poisonous ones.