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Name: Samyaza
Birthday: Nov 13 1985
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***The big question of time:***
If a lamp is set up to an infinitely accurate timer that switches the lamp on for 1 minute, off for 30 seconds, then on for 15 seconds, and then continues this halving pattern; will the lamp be on or off after 2 minutes?
***Please message me your answers!***
Anyway, there are no conditions for talking to me, I honestly don't care what you say or how you word things...I'm happy to talk to anyone about almost anything. This is a social site so I don't see the point in putting rules for messaging me or pretending that I will only talk to certain people.
I was born in the first half November, thus making me a Scorpio, which is associated with the 'Death' card in the Tarot. 'Death' is number 13, which also happens to be the day of the month I was born on, making me a double dose of death, yet surprisingly not that morbid.
I'm left-handed and my blood group is B negative, making me quite rare, which I like :)
I've decided to share my principals of magick for any of you who care to read. It's amazing how I can summarise all my years of studying into a few short points... Perhaps someone will be able to relate:
1) Everything is from within - All matter is made from atoms and all atoms are made of waves of probability that only come into existence once they are perceived. To put it simply, you make your universe; not the other way round. This is why meditation is the most important skill to learn - if you control your mind, you control your universe!
2) There is only now - Time is not as linear as we think. There is no absolute proof of your past, just your memory of it (imagine if this were all a simulation and our memories were implanted). The future hasn't happened. All you have is now...all magick should be based on the now and not the future, or past. This doesn't mean it will occur instantly, but in your mind it must.
3) Symbol of you - If a symbol means nothing to you, then there is no point in using it, regardless of what other people say about it. It is true that certain (any) objects can be charged with other people's energy, but that does not mean that it's down to specific symbols thereon. Symbols can and will assist in magickal practice, but you have to decide yourself what each item/design means to you. You will probably find that you agree with most, if not all of the standard interpretations of common symbols. After all, we're brought up with them...
4) Everything is grey - The days of black and white are over. What's evil for one person, is perfectly acceptable to another. Sin is relative. Do you think a homicidal sociopath thinks he/she is doing anything wrong when they kill someone who looked at them funny? Of course not; in their mind, they've done nothing wrong...and who's to say they have? People break laws all the time, so that can't be the judge. If you believe you're doing black magick, you are and there will be consequences. If you believe it's fine, then it is...however, you can't trick yourself, so be wary.
5) God is the Devil - For a deity to be ultimate, it has to be everything (and no-thing) - male and female, dark and light, hot and cold, loving and hating etc... The true God is impartial and balancing. There are many gods, but one God.
6) Obsessions hinder - To do any spell or ritual, you need to have a desire and a means of manifestation. Decide and make clear in your mind that a certain action (spell/ritual) means the same as you getting your desire; do it and then forget. If you lust over the result then chances are the result will appear in the form of a daydream and not in this realm (which is likely where you want it to occur). This leads on to point 7...
7) Dreams are real - Just because it's not happening here, it doesn't mean it's not happening. The experience is real. Make more effort to remember them, otherwise you're missing out on some wonderful journeys.
8) Anyone can learn - There's a great difference between learning and experiencing. Just because it's printed in a book, or someone wise has told you, it doesn't make it true for you. You need to find things out for yourself; this is your world.
9) Have a happy - You really don't have to be serious about everything just because you're interested in magick/occult. There's a time and a place for seriousness but I very much doubt it's on this website...