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Name: AnimistSWE
Birthday: Mar 7 1987
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
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35 year old male from the cold (almost) shores of Scandinavia. Raised into a "boring" secular Protestant family, i left my "old faith" at 18 and went ahead on my own independent path. I wouldn't refer to myself as religious (more spiritual, and possibly closest to animism. Hence the name) This goes back to when i was 10 and saw my very first ghost. Ive also had intense dreams of old pets and relatives (dreams that have been so intense that they wouldnt make sense to a non-believer) as well as one eerie encounter with a mysterious voice inside a forest at age 19. I got here simply on the hunt for a chat-room, but it would be great to keep in touch with anyone following a "non-traditional" religion/spiritual path and thus im more than eager to speak with Wicca's, Shamans or for that matter followers of the Left-hand path (Quimbanda, Dark Germanic Heathenism etc)