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Name: janee22605
Birthday: Feb 26 2005
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moon sign:libra
sun sign:pisces
rising sign:sagittarius
Hi or greetings to the ones that are visiting my page.
my name is janee i am a baby witch you can say .
at this moment i am reading about arts of magick.
but if you have knowledge on the arts of magick.
feel free to message me .but if not i am whiling to become friends i am a very nice person and determine person i go for what i want even when
others bring negative into something i want to do because at the end of my day its my choice.
i am 17 years old my plan is to explore more of my spiritual self later on i am hoping that next year i am able to .
things i want to learn
-connecting to my spirit guide
-reading tarots.
-crystals energy.
-learning spells .
-learning different herbs.
-connect with my charka.
I am still exploring so i still have lots to learn that i want to do.
If you have information about the interest i have mentioned it will be nice to message me i want to know anything about it and some adivce.
If i am not on here i may be studding the craft or i am busy. I will see your message. It maybe a couple of days till i see it but i will get back to you.
i want to note this i am a minor i am not on here for relationship this is`nt a website for relationship and if you flirt or anything with me i will report you.
i wont answer you if you flirt,ask for personal information or anything thats personal.