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Hail and Welcome ,

I am Faerie_Witch , but you're welcome to call me "Fae" . I am an as my name says, a faerie witch. I work with the spirits of nature, that being; Land, Sea and Sky. Of the faeries, I honor Lord Oberon and Lady Titania , the King and Queen of the Faeries. In my path, Lord Oberon is the Witch Father, and Lady Titania is the Witch Mother. My patrons, and the Fae, spirits of nature are my allies and familiars, when asked. My craft stretched beyond into the schools of divination and healing too.

Please note my profile is still in the works and I will flesh it out more. While my name may be whimsical, I am not here to roleplay. I am here to share what little knowledge I have and learn too.