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sorry for all that dating stuff i was in a relationship at the time and didn't want to bother with girls so i just put that up to ward off any single girl but now that i'm single again ladies just message me for my discord and well talk on there. ;) ______________________________________________________________________ Hi and welcome to my Profile, some things you should know about me: I practice elemental arts of water magic and and ancient Spells that date back to the the ancient Egyptian spells some Ancient Greek spells Ancient Nordic Shaman Spells and techniques and more ancient cultured spell crafts but my tutor boycotted my magic by what seems too be some ancient Null magic so I can't magic any any seeming I got fing something I wasn't astrally(fyi astral travel comes naturally to me so does use my hands for magic and so does water Elemental Spells.) supposed to f in the astral while just traveling around while meditating "When should have been meditating and not fing around!" or so my tutor says. so I'm on here to talk magic talk experiences and just chitchat.