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Name: Lady_Noir
Location: Alberta, CA
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I'm very pleased you took the time to check out my profile. Hi, I'm Lady Noir, the name inspiration comes from some of my dreams. I'm still forming my beliefs, so I may float around a bit until I settle with some. Or not, I also thrive on pure chaos. Feel free to mail me anytime! I have no life and/or hobbies. I use discord regularly, if you want to reach out to me on that mail me and I'll give you my username and code! If I don't respond within a few days I've likely not been in the best place mentally. I have unfortunately battled BPD and PTSD since a young age. I've recently been diagnosed with severe social anxiety and sometimes it can cross over into being online. It's not you it's me and all that. Random quote: "I can't save the world if I'm not happy anymore."-Eliza Grace. Brightest Blessings