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Name: TheTigress
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Location: Georgia, United States
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Hello! My name is Tigress and I am a teen witch. I am currently inside the broom closet and work in secret. I am very creative and love the craft. I especially enjoy kitchen magick, runes (I use the elder futhark), astral projection, color magic, mythology, chakras, candle magick, healing, and divination. I follow the wheel of the year and I love preforming rituals and spells. My goal on this earth is to, first, align myself with nature, and second, to gain as much knowledge as possible doing so. I officially decided to become a pagan on my 13th birthday and have loved my path ever since. One day i hope to lead my own coven and teach a new generation of pagans, especially those inside the broom closet, to love and embrace the craft.