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Name: XCrimefight
Location: Doing my own thing
Gender: Female
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not here to role play, date, or give you info about my social media. Im more than happy to be your friend but nothing else.

I learned so much from this present life already.

I grew up being closer to machines than people, however I'll socialize with people every now and then. Yes, I can feel empathy. However, it annoys me when others think that i enjoy helping. I help becuase i care, not becuase it'll make me happy.

I one day hope to find a solution to better the world with engineering. Wether it be advancing the way power is made, creating a program where it helps treat people with aging related medical problems, creating the first cyborg bodies for children with bone or similar issues, or whatever I can.

I don't believe that romance or any of the sort will do much for this earth or aid in any success. I believe that it exists, but I'm not willing to be slowed down if I don't have to.

Bisexual- Preferably males and Agender/androgynous people.

Learning Ukranian, Russian, and some Arabic.