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A little about me...

I guess this is where I tell a little about myself, hm? I'm a 24 year old and avid user of this website. I know my stuff, but too be honest I don't practice as much as I want too. In real life you may catch me writing or playing computer games and most likely always listening to music. I am more of a cat person than a dog person and wish own one some day. During times of which I desire too, I like learning about other religions and spirituality. I admire and respect the many faces of philosophy, though I do have my favorites. My favorite thing to study is psychology and I like integrating it into my practice.

One of my favorite things about this website is how diverse everyone is and how each person has their own set of beliefs and practices. I accept all walks of life and do not ask anything but for you to be yourself. You might not agree with what everyone has to say on here, but do remember just stay true to yourself and that's all that matters. Though never forget to realize what is possible and what isn't. Do not stray to far from reality or you may get lost. I am always here when someone needs advice, so please remember that and I can be a shoulder for you to cry too on if you need one.


* ~ My Magical Side ~ *

My amount of study in the occult runs deep into 10 years, possibly more. I basically been around this stuff since I was an late preteen or early teenager. I have been in and out of many paths and currently trying to progress further into my necromantic studies. I have deep pride and love for this path and I hold it with high regards and respect. I see myself being as a Death Cultist, meaning I worship Death. To me Death is not a personified being but rather a concept or a force of nature, but that doesn't disregard him to be any less real than any other deity in my own opinion. I am an atheist meaning I do not believe in any Gods, but just because I don't worship an anthropomorphic being doesn't make my God any less real than yours.

Psychology is my main point of study when it comes to magic. I see magic as a way to shift our consciousness into something that focuses towards our goal. Whatever we focus on is what we create, so if we change our way of thinking through a spell or ritual we can get closer to our desires. This mode of magic has it limits, but I actually like it so it doesn't really bother me. To me spellwork and ritual are highly personal and should only be done by the person wanting to do the spell. So please do not message me to do a spell for you because as I see it I can not.

I'm into tarot reading, but not in a way a regular reader would practice. I am still new to it, but aiming to get better. My version of tarot reading is more associated with psychotherapy, not new age mumbo jumbo. I wish to use it to benefit myself in inner workings and my magical practices. Understand that I do not give readings! Anyone who ask will be denied or ignored.


* ~ Concerning Mail ~ *

If you have any magical problems or you just want to talk please follow the following rules:

  1. Do not message me without a topic in mind. I do not like empty conversations.
  2. Do not ask me to do a spell or a reading for you. I can provide instructions to certain workings if I am in the mood.
  3. Do not flirt with me. This isn't a dating website.
  4. Do not spam or troll me. Anyone who does this will be reported to the Mods.
  5. Do not ask for private information. Unless we are close friends, I am not obligated to give you any of my social media outlets from just a few conversations.

If any of these rules are broken I will not respond to you.

I actually do hate an empty mail box so please don't feel threatened by all these rules.

Always declare a clarified topic before messaging me please.


* ~ A Little Note ~ *

I am no therapist, but I am still a human being and I know we all have problems. If any of you are experiencing pain, whether it be emotional or physical, do know I will always be there for you. Message me anytime you want. I know how it feels to be lost, broken, and to be deep in pain. We all should have at least one person to talk to so please know I am always here. I try my best to log in every day, but if I failed to do so, please forgive me.

Here is a list of options if your in a major crisis:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


National Coalition for the Homeless


Veterans Crisis Line


These are all American phone numbers just to let you know. There should be other options if you live outside the Unite States. A quick Google search should help with that in a cinch.