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Name: Rippface
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Name: Ira.

Gender: She/her don't matter.

All I can say is thank you dad!! The genes you gave me made me become thick skinned. I honestly dont see people as good creatures. Actually, should I? Wait let me think... Hmm.. That will make my day to find out that they are more than just dependent creatures. I enjoy the lack of empathy I've learned to acquire. Empaths get little to nothing for kindness.

I do want to consider myself a practitioner of sorts. I love psychology and the dark web. I've focused most of my time to books, studying, etc.. I'm studying deeper into the abyss. Sometimes you have to choose between a social life or intelligence. Whatever gives you more hope.

I've learned to do a craft called "numeral coding witchcraft" basically just chanting a series of numbers and patterns. I enjoy working with demonic spirits, and very rarely angelic spirits.

*Hey, to the ones in the past:

Shallow people come from the deepest of crowds. However, what goes around comes around! I love that phrase. Sometimes I actually care, but most times you have to buy your way in. Hard truth, but had to be learned.

Pro tip:

Make money, not friends.