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The Slenderman incident hits close to home because the same thing happened to me when I was about four years old. I was living in Milwaukee (a town next to Waukesha) at the time, and out one afternoon riding my tricycle on the grass in the front yard. All of a sudden, silently running up behind me, were three of my neighborhood friends, all about my age - four or five years old. One, however, was carrying a knife. He used it to stab me in the upper back. Seems they somehow got ahold of their father's garden knife and as a group, were roaming the area. The knife wound itself wasn't too deep (the blade must have been rusty dull, lucky for me), so I wasn't too injured, but this attack upset my mother so much that a few days later she miscarried my baby brother. Mom forgave those kids, no police were called (their father "attended to the matter" later that evening) and life just got back to normal. That's just how we did things back then - we didn't make a big deal out of everything. So when Morgan Geyser (one of the Slendergirls) got involved in this same type of incident, and I saw how horribly she was being treated by everyone, I couldn't just stand by and not try to help her as best I could all over Social Media - defending her against her attackers. They were actually writing about killing her and her family! God bless Morgan through all her ordeals. I still live in Milwaukee. My University major - writing & poetry.