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Name: Alphastatic
Birthday: Jul 11 2005
Location: Mentor Ohio
Gender: Male
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Hi I?m alphastatics. But u can call me static here?s a little about me and what I know.I am a young one yes but I?m wise one don?t Underestimate Me cause I?m young. Underestimate me cause my lack of being able to keep calm. But I?m very respectful and intelligent. I?m 14 tho really mature I have been studying magick for a 3 months if u don?t consider spirituality as magick I have been studying spirituality for 10 years now and started as a young one i will be a student at times but I?ll also be a teacher at other times as I only know spells rituals and a lot about spirituality. If u want to learn more about me than u can simply email me and ask me as I check my emails everyday