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Name: UrbanLegends
Birthday: Dec 31
Location: Maine
Gender: Female
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I've been a practitioner of Shamanic practice for over 9 years with some witchcraft practiced for these past two years. I have read and experimented endlessly with herbs and their medicinal use throughout the last 9 years.

I've studied Astrological charts my own and others through this period as well. Currently working more with energy and sigil. Please feel free to send messages concerning witchcraft topics.

Note- I will not cast a spell or hex for you. Note- Do not message me with small talk such as "hi" or "how are you"? It isn't appropriate. I don't know you and we've never spoken before this. Using hi as a greeting is fine so long as there is serious conversation concerning witchcraft. I am here to learn. This isn't a dating or social networking site.

Subjects which I have studied

  • Astrological Charts
  • Some Native American Spirituality
  • Witchcraft
  • Local Herbs
  • Stones and Gems
  • Developing Psychic Ability/ Energy Work
  • Working with Sigils