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Name: LoneWolf223
Location: Depression&Fear
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Last Seen: Fri, 11 Oct 2019
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This profile is a little unusual. The words or things you seek may or may not be found here i have knowledge on most demons i know of and have met the Slenderman once..Please keep questions about him to a minuscule he will hear you and may come for you limited to 2 questions per person i will answer truly only if i can my knowledge about the Slenderman is limited by origin but demons that is a matter i can define to the core i am vary open to receiveing information of any sorts i only say what i know and can prove or be proven. Personal things about me make me different. I seek love friendship weirdness and knowledge if you are weird or a outcast seek safety here under my wings if you are normal ask for help i am both seeking and giving knowledge if you ask and i reply i am not sain i have had bad happen to me i am here to hide and forget. "For anyone asking why i don't have a profile picture it is simply because i do not have the ability to add one and i do not like the way i look i am on my PlayStation browser and it does not have picture files i do not own a computer or nice phone thank you and I'm sorry"