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Name: Klesria
Birthday: Jul 7 2001
Location: North America and drinking blueberry smoothies
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 12 Aug 2019
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The mouse. Hiding from the cat. Might be insane.

hello lovely one. Welcome to the small portion of the site that I own.

Im studying the theory known as die 5 times over as I feel it applies to me well.

i study reincarnation and lifes meanings as well.

keto dieter

mental health advocate as well as spinal health advocate.

i dont cast or do rituals.

Rules when messaging me: You May ask questions about what I study, no fluff or fantasy creatures, no disrespect, I am open minded to an extent, want me as a friend you will have to offer me a cup of lemon tea or give me any kind of fruity candy.

have a blessed day!