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"I believe in what I want, and I want what I believe in"

"On this plane the Will is not free. But when it draws the volition for externalizing itself from Within in the Dark Light of the Abyssal Reason, then indeed is it Will-Power."

In order to sustain itself, a living causal organism by its very existence in the causal as a causal being composed of causal matter must obtain causal energy in the form of, for example, carbohydrates. That is, it ingests sustenance food and extracts from this matter the type of causal energy required, in whatever form. However, it is possible to theorize that if a living organism could obtain and in some way use acausal energy itself, it might have no need of such causal matter as sustenance, just as, in theory, such an acquiring of acausal energy could change (that is, make more healthy, and extend) the causal life of such an organism. -David Myatt, The Philosophy of the Numen