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So before you start reading this you probably should know that not many believe me when I tell my story which is understandable all I ask is for you to keep an open mind when reading what I have to say, that being said here's a little about me.

I am thirty five years old, and thirty years ago I had heart surgery that led me to have an experience with the Reaper long before I even knew what magic was and it led me to have an interest in studying theoretical magic, and theoretical science most of my life I've been studying magic to search for the answers that I am looking for to solve the mystery of why my page is blank to the Reaper in the book that is carried when everything that a person has done in their pre-mortal, mortal and post mortal existence is to be recorded into this book that is carried by the Reaper, and now I am searching for the puzzling answers just as the Reaper is as to why my page is blank when everything I have done is said to be etched into my very soul. All my life I have felt empty after finding out that my page is blank as years passed I learned about magic from my Mother, and by the time I was 8 years old she started teaching me the fundamentals of magic after finding out from me about my encounter with the Reaper, and as years passed I learned from my Mother. After she passed away I began to self study and learn about magic to learn, and grow as a self taught Witch to gain all the knowledge I possibly could to solve this mystery once and for all.

Some Warnings about me:

  • Constant Black Clear Aura
  • Cursed Path
  • Death Touched

My practices:

  • Theoretical Study of Magick, and Science
  • Study of Magickal Realms,Veils, Portals, and Doorways
  • Study of Universal Magic: Which is the study that all magic is connected throughout the Universe, and that the Universe is connected throughout Magick.

Note: please do not message or mail me asking me to teach you my practices, I am not looking for apprentices or to teach.I'm not here for role play I'm here to study and learn magic of my own accord.